Friday, November 21, 2008

Cooking Up Some Shit...

Im working on a new post...

I think its gonna be pretty interesting to read...

Its called "Dating Etiquette"

You know you can always count on me to blog about some bullshit and say something thats dumb.

Its 5:28am now, Ive merely started the intro for that post but it may take another 4 hours to write, so Ill finish that tomorrow when Im at Remix.
This post may be calling out a lot of slack boyfriends and girlfriends or potentials. So you may wanna hide my blog from them if you know uve been slacking, cuz you will be put on blast. Im sorry if some of you guys can one in particular. Just a generalization. lol
I feel a lot of arguments on the rise after this post...but its cool. We all deserve the best...why settle?


Word up. Im tryna change the game and set some standards here for Gods sake. This is for you! Maybe reduce a few broken hearts, build stronger and more meaningful relationships? Maybe? Dr. Will? Hitch? lol

Idealist? Yes...but I also believe in treating a woman with respect and of course, I still believe in love and having the proper foundations for a relatively successful and happy relationship (although that is debatable and up for interpretation). Im just tired of miserable damaged people and bad relationship experiences. Consider this my contribution and my minor attempt to help where I (Obviously I dont expect to change the world with this, bring us back to the 60's and having us smoking up in a tie dye VW mini bus with a peace sign painted on the side, listening to Hendrix, but if I can change the relationship of just one couple, my job is done. Dont penalize me for trying).

Anyways, I have a massive weekend coming up full of gigs from clubs, to weddings to night photoshoots with Dodge Vipers. I need to rest...

PS. THE YE ALBUM IS FIRE!!! I CANT STOP LISTENING TO IT! Say you will and bad news is crazy!!! Im not sorry, cuz I mean to rub it in.


Anonymous said...

biiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggg album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its love <3

BNyce said...

loll @ tHE Blog Topic.
SHould be interestiong!
I might need to add my own lil 2 cent to that blog post!!!

whats ur facebook Will?