Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Life Plan

Its 5am, Im wide awake. I dont want to sleep, so Ive been searching for the past few hours for something to blog and stumbled into this.
I drew this poster back in grade 9 for an assignment.
I dont remember exactly what the assignment was, but it was Career Studies. I think the assignment was something like, map your life and include the things you value most in life.

Most people just drew pictures random floating images of money, cars, houses, playstation, palm trees/vacations, a diploma etc.
I took a different approach to the assignment and created this.
I drew a map of the ideal path for me to live my life. I plotted it all out in order.
Lets break it down.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them if you cant see it properly.

You can see to the far left side is an image of my mother walking me to school. The reason why there arent both parents is because I was raised by my mother. Beside the school is the basketball court (basketball being my favorite sport) and farris wheel. The court and the ride represent fun, and leisure and its importance to balancing out education and life's responsibilities. Its also beside the school to represent the youth and adventure. That your schooling years should be one of the most exciting and fun times of your life.
There are also a lot of friends outside, and I drew a lot of them in to reinforce the importance of maintaining as many friendships as you can, not just one or two. I still do that to this day.

After highschool and all the fun is done, you start university/ college. The guy in the black knapsack and backwards hat is supposed to be me walking to school.
You'll notice that there's a huge ladder beside the university/ college that leads to a building, which is there to (not really effectively) imply the struggle and climbing that is necessary to have the career you want. You'll notice theres a beach of sorts at the bottom and people swimming and a girl in a bikini...bad symbolism, but the lack of friends there implies the fact that you may begin to lose some as you get older as people's minds, direction and perspectives begin to change and everyone kind of does their own thing to achieve their own goals.

So the flow of the picture below is basically, graduate from school, climb the ladder to reach the job of your desire (the big shiny office building), meanwhile, maintain as many true relationships as you can. Get married after you're established and have the financial, physical and emotional capacity to look after and begin your life with another.
When you're married you should already have a pad of your own. Dont be married and still be living with your mother. Assuming that you and your partner are bother established individuals, you should be able to purchase a big home with a double garage. There are musical notes leaving the house to represent happiness and joy. At this point in time, you should be able to create a family of your own. And you continue to follow the arrow upwards.
Keep following the arrows upwards

Here is a photograph of my family at that point in time...My dad, my stepmom and two brothers, Steven and Jackie. I wanted to stress the importance of family and how crucial it is to have them while growing up and finding yourself.
The fact that my family was in a photograph represented my love for photography, the palette represented my love for art and drawing, and the phone represented my unwillingness to part from deep and long conversations with whomever...which has now morphed into a blackberry.

Once you have climbed up the rest of the would reach this paradise of sorts...doesnt really look like paradise...but I love the city. So this was my ideal place to be, in the city with bright lights and a giant office building thats marked "W's $" lmao. This would be an equivalent to a cloud 9. The result of all my hardwork and effort would take me to this place...but only after everything else in life was achieved. (a good education, good friendships, graduation, career, marriage, happy family, stable home, success (however defined))
Below is a picture of me...yea...I had long hair. And that green thing is supposed to Vietnam...although it looks more like a blob that thought it was Italy. lol Vietnam was there to represent the important of one's culture and identity. And that was the southside Vietnamese flag.

Believe it or not, Im not too far off track...although Im only halfway through the plan...well sorta. I need to graduate next...but that starts with me doing my fuckin hmwk...*
I still need to find my potential future Mrs. Still need to get a career...get married, have kids, buy a home, build a family, find success, find happiness, find peace, and then find cloud 9...all while maintaining my culture, values, interests, friendships and sense of self. maybe Im not halfway there...but Im working on it. lol

So ummm yea...sorry if this post was boring. lol

Ok, now Im Nite.


wristpect said...

dude.. this is amazing!

Dynamics said...

Now this is great lol

Anonymous said...

It wasn't boring. The picture and representations are cool. Back when I was in grade nine, no one really thought that far down their lives and no one would put that much effort into an assignment lol. You should frame that, it's really interesting.

tilt said...

ur on ur way homie.

Gorgeous Lynette said...

you're a great artist. I could see you doing the productions for videos real soon.

The Definition said...

I like how the representation of you is dressed all conservative (button down and a sweater vest) and then I scroll down to the high school post and you're all g'ed up (baggy jeans and timbs) lol. I bet it felt great looking back and realizing that, for the most part, you've managed to stay on track. Awesome post.........oNe

Pri said...

i think that is the single clearest goal/plan i have ever seen come from a grade 9er.

Some people never change

Thank God.

ur amazing Will.....dont ever stop.
love and lots of light,