Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekly Goodfoot Visit

I dropped by the store today to first and foremost see my homegirl Jenn Curlz, she's leaving to Montreal this weekend and will be gone for the next 6 months to pursue her dancing career! Goodluck Jenn!

And of course I bumped into my buddy Peter again...He's not Vietnamese...dont be fooled...too much facial hair to be Vietnamese. lol
Winter stuff sale at GDFT, everything in this box is 10 doll hairs...go get it before its all done!

Waddup to Vili of the Bossy Girls!

Waddup Addy!

Candice! Haven't seen you in time!
Shout outs to Jack Flawless, make sure you guys are voting for his track on FLOW!

My last high five with Jenn for a long while...:(
I just found this out, but for anyone who doesnt know, Jenn is actually one of the main dancers for Drake and Trey Songs - Replacement girl video...watch the video again. lol

Meet Fresh...1/6th of team...


Anonymous said...

It's not Lily silly!
It's Vili !

Quick, change it before she sees it !

lab you willyam *accent


Anonymous said...

wills hat is cool :)