Monday, November 24, 2008



As you guys all know, the team and I (Bryan changed his mind last minute and decided to reach) all rolled out to the video shoot for the Im Still Fly by Page feat. Drake directed by Lil X
I didnt feel to take pics with my SLR, so I just pulled out the point and shoot and recorded some video footage. Oliver posted behind the scenes pics on October's Very Own anyhow, so you can check that out.

Shout outs to my boy Fresh, his new online clothing store (the site's not running yet but I will be pushing it heavy soon) and for styling the video (along with the Bossy Girls and Oliver). He's the one taking me on the tour in case you didnt already know. You'll hear him throw the website drop line every few seconds. Fresh is one the biggest hustlers I know, but you'll get what I mean. Real proud of you, homie.

I didnt arrive on set until 20 minutes before the crew and performers were done and getting ready to run over to the club for the next scene.
The whole team and I werent all able to make our cameos in the club scene but Wristpect and Lancelot did. lol (Ironically, Wristpect likes the camera the least out of all of us). You'll also see T-RexXx in there too stunting with the galoshes. Ow! There were too many important faces and too little space on set for everyone to all get their shine but its all love.
I left with Addy and Bry shortly after midnight while they were still filming the club scene.
I have footage from the club too but I cant be spoiling everything for you guys. Come on now. This isnt Entertainment Tonight...or is it? lol

I swear to god, this track is the city's international anthem! Its over when this video drops!
Cant wait for the finished product.

ps. i know you're wondering why I played Kid Cudi in the video...I dont have a reason...I had to reformat my computer 2 weeks ago and lost all my music and I was too lazy to re-download Im Still Fly...and the soundtrack was also a dedication to Fresh (no homo) because he was on that set working Day and Night...since 7am...when I left at midnight he was still working. Paper chasing. We gets it in.

pss. The girl that Fresh said had beautiful lips...tisk...too bad the lighting was bad, cuz she was bad! But you'll see her in the video riding shotty with Drizzy. And sorry if I missed you in my footage Nadia...:( you were too busy being hot and I didnt wanna bother you. lol Watch for the blonde girl in the orange dress in the actual video. :D Of course anyone else that I didnt catch on cam was because they were too busy running around working.

psss. Really now Drizzy, could anyone ever make you lose fans? Readers, please tell Drake the blog isnt killin the fanbase! lol Come on now! lol and its funny how Drake says "Can I juss say HI to you first man?" ...Whenever I have the camera in my hand, I forget Im actually THERE...its like watching dont respond to the TV, you just watch. Or it could be due to my lack of sleep. Im always running on zombie mode. lol


Angelina said...

Funny enough and I don't know why, but this video makes me so proud of you William. I think it might have something to do with dude at the end talkin about how you can't blog his blog. But big ups to Page and Drake for doing their thing out there!

BNyce said...

Looks like fun though!
SOng is hot!

Anonymous said...

Will,what song is that playing on the video?

Chilly Willy said...

kid cudi - day and nite

Keesha said...

Crookers remix ONLY!

I love TRexxx more than anyone in this video! Too bad I couldn't make it know how it goooooo!

Chilly Willy said...

yea yea. i know crookers remix is pretty crazy...

ur lucky I wasnt in this video or else i woulda got mad that you didnt love me most.

you didnt make it cuz i said you the come i dont have you on bb anymore?! jerksauce!

Keesha said...

You're not on my bb anymore because I deleted everyone that didn't come to my birthday....LOL. Now I only have 3 friends...*tear*