Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just to Update

Just wanted to update you guys on whats going on...

First of all, if your American, go vote...if you're not...ummm, that sucks...the American ppl hold the world's fate in their hands...*sigh. lol. 
I pulled the titties out on the ride today for Obama! And Im riding around in my Obamatomically t-shirt courtesy of the Ideall Clothing of the Legends League.

Secondly, Im reformatting my pc right now, my whole computer crashed and I lost all my hmwk and photos...yay! ... 
So I cant add any new photos from the weekends events or the pics I took today or huck schmukum (thats my own word for bullshit). You're going to have to wait til later on tonight...if Im home.

Thirdly, Im actually doing a lot better. Thank you to everyone on bb, facebook, the blog, in person, at my doorstep, for the flowers, the chocolate, the dvds, the hugs, the kisses, the support, the lectures, the bitchin, the slaps and the love. (i was kidding bout the flowers, chocolates and dvds).
Its amazing how my blog comment page has become a forum...and it feels cool, because a lot of the people who comment, constantly do so. Its like we all know each other yet not. Special thanks to everyone who has left a long and in-depth comment, especially the ones that open up and tell their personal stories. I appreciate that very much. Its good to know you guys find some sort of comfort and could be a bit vulnerable in a sense. :) So thank you.

I have been working and operating at full capacity. There are too many things going on for me to slow down. Understand, after I vent on my blog, Im good. Once my thoughts are out, I relax.
So dont think Ive been on no uber emo-tip, slitting my risks or staring into the horizon staring at passing cars on a bridge over the highway...lol (sorry to anyone who has friends like that) Ive seen a lot of friends in the last few days and Ive been completely normal...at least I think anyways. 
Dont know what else to say at this moment...but I have been gone for over 24hrs and I figured you guys were curious if I was still alive...or not. So yep, prolly gonna head out somewhere and watch the final tallies at some ones crib and shoot myself or try to drown a fish if McCain wins. 

Like I always say, 
Life is short. Live today.
Tomorrow may never come.

I have dreams to real-ize
Goals to achieve
Happiness to pursue
More sadness, pain, heartache, defeat, failure and hurt to overcome...

Cant stop, wont stop.


Sang Frais said...

I fucking love those shirts you guys have on. I must have one(even tho i'm not from TO I would still rock the hell outta it lol). I know you don't know me but I read your blog a lot and it's good to hear that you're feeling a lot better then how you were on your previous posts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can you write about the first picture you took that made you want to begin your career?

hustleGRL said...

Willy baby!! Glad to hear that u gooooooood lol. Although ur pc crashed, that sucks. Are u gonna recover ur files ? I got a chick that can do it for cheeeeeeap (no homo)... well its not not really homo cause shes a girl but ANYWAYS, i know a girl that recovers hard drives. But yeaaahhhh, HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

love ya,
your friend`s #1 fan,
karla hustlegrl moy kay moyicaa

tilt said...


"Rosa sat, so Martin could walk, so Barack could run, so We could fly"

oh willy, my cousin can fix ur cpu.... he can get info off anything.

narrylikes said...

will's baaaaaack! not that you were gone or anything, but i can somehow understand how you feel.

i might have mentioned before that i've been really, really low this year (long story), but something happened and i just feel like i can do ANYTHING. now if i can feel like that, you can too! just do whatever you want, even when some people might tell you different... you know what i mean :) just do do do and i'm sure like many other people, i know you will do it well ;)

africa loves mr obams too!

Anonymous said...

THATS what I wanna see!!!

KEEP IT GOING don't even think about stopping.