Monday, November 17, 2008


These are pics from last Thursday in Guelph...ummm... I know I have a lot of American readers case you're wondering where Guelph is...its actually a town about an hours drive from
Above, my favorite fat friends...lmao
Below...theres no champagne room at this ummm...I guess he can shake the bottle and pop the cork on the dance floor too...hmmm...

Of isnt a Guelph night until 2 girls make

lol. Only in Guelph...Black people bubble and grind in the club and the white folks make out.

Seven wasnt supposed to be in this picture...

Or this one...

...nor this

We were giving away free T-Pain albums...they said I had to make a girl do something crazy in order to give it make out with a next chick or flash me or something...I was too lazy to I flashed myself and took the disks home (flashed with my camera)

Mind the crazy girl hands on his

Jonny and I...aka the Human Torch. 'Flame on!' lol

Hey Mahsa! I see you!


seven said...

yaaaa guelph!! guess who's birthday it is this thursday?! yepppp! wooot wooot!

Anonymous said...

lol @ bubble and grind...never heard the word bubble used in that