Friday, November 21, 2008

...I Wish I Could Think of a Clever Title...

Its 5am...and Im still blogging.
I have the full 808's and Heartbreak album right now and Im blasting it in my basement. I know a lotta people are dogging the new sound...whatever! Ye is the shit. The album is killer...and all the leaked songs that you've heard are actually quite diff on the album...but I dig. Id pass off the zip file of the album...but You'll have to line up just like me and the other thousands of people on Tuesday. :)

Anyways, meet Linda...she thinks shes hot stuff...not quite. She be
You might remember her from the Drake and T-Rexxx krumping videos that I posted awhile back. Shes a singer...she sings songs...which would make her a singer.
womp womp. lol
Check out her myspace page, Linda Luztono

No lie, her voice is amazing. And dont judge her based on these photos, shes a humble and sweet woman. An honor to know, to say the least. And her jokes are pretty

She doesnt really have a blackberry, thats mine. So dont be messaging her for her pin. lol


Brock...he never found the hat that he lost at the lost in the willderness & ovo party...

This is of the busiest and most ballin' 16 year old hustlers you'll ever meet.
A huge fan of Drake and the colour purple...She even drinks the grape Crush...She's dressed as if every day is game day. Meet Karla aka HustleGRL aka Game Day


hustleGRL said...

Lol, Game Day all Day! :)

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


no mistake.

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wristpect said...

and who linked you the ye lp you bastid!!