Saturday, November 29, 2008

Age Differences and Relationships...

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This post is in response to the comment posted on the previous post regarding how I feel about age differences and dating...


Lemme go get my glasses, put my knitted cardigan on and fix me some tea...
Gotta get my Dr. Will game

Honestly...I dont know what my opinion is about age differences with dating.

I usually tend to not date anyone thats 3 years younger than me or older than
Its a silly rule...but Im sure it'll change with time.
Why? A lotta shit can happen within 3 years. That means we might not have listened to the same music, same cartoon shows, gone through the same fashion eras etc. But things like, different languages, cultures, lifestyle, religion, country of origin and way you were raised all contribute to the differences too...
Generally speaking, I like to date people I can relate to and shares the same interests.
Also you may be at different stages in your life. Like I would be way too intimidated to date a girl who is older than me, has her career started, making money, has her own place and drives a Benz...Id feel like a loser dating her. Even though some people will say I probably shouldnt because shes with me for a reason. But I dont know, Id feel insecure about myself...but thats just me. At the same time, I also couldnt date the girl too much younger than me because Id feel like she'd feel I would be condescending or to know it all and Im sure there are a ton of other potential problems...

I think certain relationships change with certain variables depending on the certain people that I put together.

But these problems not exclusive to age whatsoever.
A lot of people are well cultured, very knowledgeable and very mature at early ages.

Like my baggy pant singer friend, Aaliyah said...'age aint nothing but a number'...but I aint saying that like R. Kelly or Michael Jackson would...cuz they mean something else. lol

Some people know what they want at an earlier age and some people dont until a lot later. If you find eachother on the same page and it works, then go for it. Shoot for the stars.
Relationships are about much more important a real connection, understanding, care, happiness, comfort etc...Not about who's gonna collect their pension first.

But theres something wrong about someone dating a person whose the same age as their child or their parents...thats juss weird to me. But we'll save that for another day.

But a few years diff aint so bad.

At the end of the day, its you in that relationship with that other person. It doesnt matter what anyone says. Just dont lie to yourself. Dont try to make things work because you want to prove anything to anyone. Be there because you want to be. Be there because you care. Be there because you're happy. Not to say "fuck you haters, I can be with a older/younger/ guy/girl/ because Im still young at heart/mature enough to be with him/her."
You aint gotta prove shit to no one.
Aint no one tryna prove shit to you. You'd be laughing at the person tryna live their life for you...and Im pretty sure theyd be laughing at you if it were the other way around.
Date whoever the crack you want. lol
Im sure people say shit like,

'You cant find a woman your age so you find the young naive ones.'
'The women your own age to much for you to handle huh?'
'You're too good for guys your age?'
'You only want a man with money and shit huh?'
'What the fuck do you guys have in common except fuckin?'
'Does it make you feel younger dating him?'

Blah blah blah...fuck the haters. Suck my center nut!
(I dont really have a center nut but no offense to anyone who does...:S )
Let them say what they want, but if they had the chance to date someone older or younger...they probably would. Fuck if they even had the chance to date anyone that they could relate to that wasnt lying, cheating, abusing, disrespecting, disregarding, inconsiderate prick faces, they prolly would. Come on now?! Who wouldnt? As long as its not petaphilia...or really dramatic age differences...its cool.
As long as you guys are both CONSCIOUS and are both in non-forceful agreement to be does it matter?

But like I said, just no Michael Jackson or R. Kelly shit. That shits just disturbing.

On a side note, polygamous marriages is damn near weird as fuck to me. Sorry was watching some documentary on TLC the other day...*will cringes

Like Nacho Libre said "I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny" so watch me do me. Beyyyoootch!

And wow, im surprised people ever ask me to write about relationships and stuff. You guys do know Im no pro right? If I was...I wouldnt be single.

(I dont even know why Im laughing at that last

But is my advice really that affective for you guys to ask me? Do I really have that much credibility for you to pay any mind? This is mind boggling to me, but I aint complaining, Ill blab as long as just one person listens. :)

Ummm...any other questions? lol

No really, Im down to answer anything right now..well not right now...I should probably do my hmwk...but you can ask...and ill just answer when I give up on success? lol


Anonymous said...

Will you are just great!! I just wanted to let you know!

I love the "Lemme go get my glasses, put my knitted cardigan on and fix me some tea...
Gotta get my Dr. Will game" Don't kill me

I believe people respond and ask you questions because you just talk 'Real Talks'

*from previous post*
You have a heart of gold and any girl that gets to be with you, I pray does not take what you have to offer for granted! But I also pray that in return she does the same for you, out of love, cause you deserve the same!

Stay true to yourself Will Booms!!

and yes I read your blog everyday...its an addiction.."they tried to make me go to REHAB and I said NO NO NO!!" LOL

Jenn aka Peace N Love

THATgirl said...

Thanks Will!
That was really helpful!


Gorgeous Lynette said...

I feel you! It's like if you're 18 and the person is 21. A lot can happen within those years. They might not even be on the type of ish you're on & vice versa.

The Definition said...

We know you're no pro, but I feel like sitting in the seat of a female, its like getting advice from a male perspective without all the fillers. No bullshit, just real talk. For someone sitting in the seat of a male, I imagine its like talking to one of your boys that you know is gonna keep it one hundred with you. You're good people and its mad obvious to everyone that reads this blog, whether they know you personally or not. I have a question. Do you consider yourself a celebrity?

swagnsoul said...

allrriitteee, so this is the first comment i've posted though i've wasted valuable homeworking/test preparing time reading the blog...i guess its because i'm actually in this situation, dating a girl thats quite a few years older than me..not like grandma old, or even aunt old, but older nonetheless lol..honestly i feel you on the age difference meaning a whole lotta shits happened in her life that i haven't experienced yet, BUT its definitely something I can learn about and apply to myself as long as we talk about it, sure we have differences on certain topics, but if there's understanding behind it all then its a learning experience for both two lives have been lived the same way so regardless of age there's always going to be somethin different based on the experience each person has had..this is pretty much the same concept except that she has a certain number more experiences than i do, which is actually a really cool thing to talk about, to see her perspective on certain things based on those experiences that i haven't had (yet)...also the whole her having a benz and loot and what not..i am the furthest thing from materialistic, but being put in that situation where she has the ability and wants to buy everything its beyond awkward lol i swear when you get that sugar mama, it really isn't all its cracked up to be lol.. still at the end of the day i love her, she loves me, and the maturity and no bullshit, everything out in the open attitude of us is a breath of fresh air..word she looks 22, i had no idea so w/e right? riigghhtttt lol..keep reppin the good guys, there's so few of us left..shoot, i just realized how much i wrote, my bad lol, peace n love

Anonymous said...

hey will,

you gotta do a post on how to get over a recent ex. i'm suffering right now. my ex-boyfriend is torn...he wants to be my friend and act like we're a couple (aka kissing, sleepovers, all that couple like shit) but doesn't wanna be with me like "that", on the other hand i'm torn cuz I want him so bad, but I wanna move on (but it's hard because I feel like i'll never find anybody as good or better than him). I'm trying to move on and quit him cold turkey but this is my first serious break up and it's so hard to figure out how to move on, or even deal with the situation. should i be his "exclusive" friend just because he can't let go of me, or should I just move on?

lol, i know you're not dr. phil but an unbiased opinion always works.

Chilly Willy said...

Id write a new post for you, but I have some previous work that you may have missed.
Id recommend you (re)read these three posts, the first one being probably a very important analogy to take in.

I hope it helps, but let me know if you still have more questions and hopefully it will help. :)
good luck.

Anonymous said...

i took those in and they've been inspirational enough to get me to exit out of a situation that i felt was unhealthy. thank you, more than you know.

Chilly Willy said...

no problem.
I hope it guides you in the right direction.
We all have different situations so we might not always have the same solutions because not all problems are the same.

But hopefully if there are common elements, you'll be able to relate and help you out.
Im sorry for the situation you were put in. I know how that feels.

Im just not that post relationship kinda guy.
it is what it is, or it aint.

all or nothing.

if i have to do more work, i want more pay.

i dont wanna be the manager and get paid like the janitor. fuck that, id rather be the janitor, than then idiot whose being used and abused.

just my personal opinion anyways.

Chilly Willy said...

its like exploitation. lol

Anonymous said...

lol yeah it is. shit, i'm gonna be just like york's teaching staff and go on strike...except, i'm not coming back. actually maybe i'm just like york's staff cuz i swear it feels like they're never coming back lol.

but its true...I WANT THE DAMN WAGES I DESERVE! fuck that i never want no minimum wage bullshit

Cass said...

"I dont really have a center nut but no offense to anyone who does...:S"

I'm sorry i just had to bring that up, LOL... don't kill me!!!

Justin Laylo said...

Yo Will,

Wassup man. West coast props to you! I visit your blog frequently and literally LOL when appropriate. Keep it up maan.


Crystal said...

I don't take everything you say and run with it, I just appreciate the perspective. It might not even be in line with mine but if you have somethng to say that I didn't consider or was too afraid to say then that's good.

Keep babbling, clearly someone's listening.

Chilly Willy said...

And I dont think anyone should take what I say literally and run with it.
Every situation is different and should be treated differently each time.

There is no absolute rule for relationships or how to live...I am merely providing a perspective. And Im glad you understand that Crystal.

But because you wrote this comment Im not blogging you anymore! lol

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I only run with scissors. If you ever decide to quit blogging and photography, you could always do a talk show