Monday, November 17, 2008

The Case of The Ex...?

(This is not about anyone particular at all whatsoever. This is juss how I handle my shit and deal with exes. Just to clarify and eliminate misunderstandings. This is solely to respond to the request of a reader on my opinions about exes. This is how I deal with it. I'm not a heartless dude, I'm juss honest. Ill juss say the things you won't and call it what it is. It my raw and harsh, but I don't know how to tell u any other way.So to my exes, this is not to put u on blast. Just know if I treated u this way, u weren't the only one, this is just protocal and how I go about it. Don't take it personal although it may sound so...It may sound like you, but you weren't the only one who broke my heart. It may sound like u, but weren't the only one that cheated one me, I may sound like you, but u weren't the only one I split with on mutual terms. Don't be so naïve to things its about just you (if u are). Its not. I wouldn't call u out in public. U already know I talk about all my issues and concerns in person. I just wanted to let u know is all, this isn't about u or u; just for the record)


Someone just asked me to write about my opinions about being friends with ex's and my views on it.

Ok...Im not sure if there will be any structure to this answer...(as if theres any structure to any of my posts) but ill try to answer it as truthfully and honestly as I can..AND ONCE AGAIN! THIS POST IS NOT DIRECTED AT ANYONE! lol...snap guys!



I tend not to be friends with my ex's. I rarely talk to my ex's for several different reasons.
Lets break them down to types of break ups or something...Ill have to wing this shit.
But I guess to all my ex's who wonder why I dont speak to you know... the exes who cheated...*Will hoarks.
To the exes who used you...*Will hoarks
To the exes who took advantage of you, lied, deceieved, used and took you for granted...*Will hoarks...

(Wow...I just noticed this post might get a bit nasty...beyond just the hoarking)

I dont talk to any of those broads/exes no more. The way I see it, if I remain friends with you, you win. Yea yea, you might say Im just on an ego trip or a pride trip (pause), but I dont give a shit. (lmao...I just wrote a giant paragraph and deleted it due to the vulgarity of the content)

*Will exhales

Ok...Ive been staring at the screen, pacing back and forth for the last 2 hours and even went upstairs to do some emotional eating (2 kit kats, 2 pizza pops, 2 glasses of milk and one cookie) while figuring out how to write this post without sounding like I just got my heart crushed by ______ when I was 15. lol

Simply put, they had their chance, if they didnt care about me then, why care about them now. Karma's a bitch. I dont care if you've changed and become a better person. There are consequences for every action, and people need to learn to deal with their mistakes. I dealt with mine when we first broke its ur turn biatch! lol
I just dont want them having the satisfaction of being able to be with me when they wanted, then being with someone else when they wanted, treating me ill when they wanted, then leaving me when they wanted, and then wanting to be friends with me when they wanted...
That means she got everything she wanted...fuck that.
Im a nice guy, but I aint a doormat.

Of course, exes always wanna come back when they find out your doing better now than you when you were with them. Its like shit "I didnt know this Chin had it in him to be like that, shoulda never left him. My dude aint shit." Damn straight!

After 2 certain relationships where I felt my exes did me wrong, I ignored them for years. Didnt say hi at the clubs, didnt mention their names and didnt even make eye if they didnt exist. Yea Im an asshole...

Fortunately, I have some self respect, humility and integrity...If I aint got nothing nice to say to you, I wont say anything at all...Ill prolly just talk shit behind your back or something when someone brings up your name. True story. I should say it to their face but I usually dont like giving them the time of day, Id rather just make them feel invisible and give them the cold shoulder. Im a cold guy, I should drop the case sometimes...but sometimes, Im just a prick. lol Believe it or not (some people know how much shit I talk about these 2 particular exes)...I only care for the people who really care about me...but Im quite nasty to people who have wronged me.

Sometimes you gotta cut them off so they can burn (Im so evil), so they can feel what life is really like without you. So they can feel dumb and watless. That they had someone good and they blew it all away. Sometimes if you forgive them and remain friends, they wont feel the loss, because they feel you're still there and vulnerable. Meh...not me.

I remember when an ex and I broke up, she didnt know I was gonna cut her off. I still gave her a chance to be with me and what what. But she wanted to do her thing. I was like cool. Then I cut her off for like 3 weeks, she calls me back and wants to hang out...I felt bad so I swung by...then she wanted to pull some shit on I got up and I wanted to remain friends...but I couldnt give a rats ass.'re replaceable. You were replaceable that same night, ma.

I know mad people have been hitting me up with this question like

'yo, my ex is coming over...what if she wants some?'
'say no bitch.'
'really? but shes bad tho? I kinda miss it.'
'Dont be lame dude. She cheated on u dude, her shits probabaly contaminated.'
'So Im saying no?'
'Say no, if you give in, she'll call her girls later and be like 'this dumb fool, I juss got some D from the fucker, and all I had to do was show up. I can get D from any man I want.'

NO MAN!!!!
Dont do that! (this goes to the ladies too who have exes tryna get some after the relationship)

Dont do it!

Ok...Im gonna let you guys in on the secret.
Fuck I never wanted to release this on the blog...but here we fuckin go...its a bit bare with me. This is funny as hell, but its a lot funnier when you hear me say it in person.

Every dude and woman needs to view their stuff as Premium Goods.
This my friend is what I classify as the Premium P (Penis/Poon tang). lmao

Here we go...You need to treat your P like its some Premium shit. Respect and care for it. Feed it nothing but the finest foods, that means dine in steaks and lobsters, no dirty fat quick fixes like Mickey D's and KFC. Thats how you P gets sick. Be careful where you take it and keep it in good health...dont be crawling into scary places where savage scabs exist! Im telling you. Dont fuck around (literally!)
You gotta think of it like Premium goods at the market. Your P aint the eye level of the rack type shit, nah, this is some top of the shelf 'ask for assistance', in the glass box type shit. This is some holiday P. You cant just be an anybody walk up and say, 'Yo, I want me some Premium P today.' Nah b, earn your stripes, collect some badges, holla at a playa when you collect all 30. This is some gold foiled, imported, luxurious top of the line shit.
Ladies and fella's, treat your P like it means something!
Dont be dishing it around like its some charity going on, at least if it was charity, make sure its a good cause!
Thats how I manage to keep my junk outta other girls trunks.

But anyways, Im getting off topic here...

For the people who broke up on mutual terms...I dont know...depending on the scenario, this one is quite difficult. For me...its never really mutual. Im the type of person who always wants it to work, even if it doesnt work, I still want this person to be the person it works with. So even when I agree to split, I dont really mean it. But Ill agree with because I dont want to force someone to be somewhere that their heart no longer belongs.

I usually cut the mutual break ups off too, its hard to be friends with someone when you dont want them as your friend. Its like you're settling for friendship.
Like I usually just go cold turkey. I delete them from my Blackberry list, my facebook list, my phone number. This way, even if i have a temptation to msg them or check what theyre up too I cant. Because I will get jealous if I know shes doing well without me. Like if she went on vacay, or like was jamming with a bunch of boys I didnt like at the club...fuck that bad as it is to say this, I may say, I hope you find happiness, but come on now, we all know I mean, I hope you're fuckin miserable and when you crawl back I hope Im with someone else! Man, I hate looking at facebooks too, what happen if theyre standing there in a hot mama outfit and their hairs done just how you like it, and theyre looking fucking sweeter than ever...than what? Now what do I do? Cry? I guess so! But no! Fuck that shit! I aint looking no more! I hope you look worse! I really juss type all that? lol Call me immature...but Im sure we all subconsciously wish that our exes were worse without us better with us.
Its not easy to carry on knowing the person you to be with exists and not be able to have them in your life and having them play the role you want them to. Its like being in a desert...finally finding that little pond of water...and then finding a giant fence around it...

If they didnt mean much to you in the relationship or if it wasnt serious, staying friends aint a bad idea. But I cant do it if I truly and genuinely cared about them. Am I supposed to be theyre friend and listen to them to tell me stories about the new cute guys they meet or all the exciting things they did where I would have attended too if i were still with them? Its not an easy thing to do. I dont wanna hear about your day unless it was miserable, at which point I will want to laugh internally because Ill say, haha, life was good with me wasnt it? Now ur in all this shit...(watch every ex tell me they're doing fine and life is great for them now just to piss me For some people its also a bad thing to hang around with your ex that you care about, because you start feelings ways and hopeful again.

I can only be friends with someone when Im totally over them or find some stability, which usually means cutting them off for quite some time or when I completely dont care about them anymore. Like if I was hurt over an ex, and I seen her in a couple of months, and she looked nasty, like lost too much or gained too much weight, bad hair cut, let herself go, looks like a loser....hmmm...well at that point I guess I could talk to her without feelings, but if she really did look like a hot mess, I think Id still cut her off, cuz I dont want it to be known that I ever even touched her...lmao! (see? Im a prick right?)

Someone is usually still attracted or still wants to be in the relationship...rarely and I mean rarely is it ever the case that both people both lose feelings completely...

Meh, this is kinda of a tough topic for me to discuss without getting into personal details and blowing a fuckin blood vessel.

Lets just say...I dont talk to exes...Ive ever only wronged one, and that coincidentally is the only ex I talk to. Anyone else I have cut off, or have finally started talking to again after a few years.
It hurts too much to hold on, and the more I linger, the more bitter I get with the details of the break up.
Dont you ever notice that the things you used to tolerate about your bf/gf when you were together becomes so much more annoying and aggravating now that you're not together???
That shit trips the fuckin daylight outta me. Id rather separate myself and forget them, then stay around (because Im against post-relationship-relationships) and end up hating them...

Break ups are hard enough as it is, but to demote and move backwards after a relationship is even harder. Now you gotta play the "it never happened" game...and just forget your relationship or else you cant be friends...

I just think its easier to try to forget everything...start life all over again.

Chapter end.

Chapter Start.

But thats just me...Mr. All or Nothing

I dont travel back in time to a person that hurt me, nor do I travel back in terms of being a bf/gf to being friends. I can only move forward. Unless you move forward with me holding my hand, Id rather walk away with my hands in my pocket then by myside waiting for you.

It hurts to let go and forget the person you loved and cared for... but sometimes its for the best.

PS. I took 4 hours to write this post...filtering, revising, screening, censoring, removing, deleting,

Here's a song I want you guys to listen to...its the Im heartbroken because you fell in love with someone else and not me cuz you only see me as a friend song. lol
2 fave quotes

"But did you know my heart's been
broken since the day I met you"

"Sometimes the thing you need is the one thing you cant see."

If you know who sings this song, you might not wanna admit it...cuz Im not telling you who sings it either! lmao. Dont ask me how I know this song either.


Here are the lyrics:

Late at night you call on the phone
We talk about the day
When you found out
He was cheating

You tell me that it hurts to the bone
To trust someone that way
To find that he was deceiving

And I know I've always
Just been a friend
But if you look my way
I'll make sure you never hurt again

Do you know I exist
Just to promise you this
Endlessly to be true to you
And if you answer my prayer
I'd cross my heart and I'd swear
Endlessly to be true to you

And if you'd only see
How beautiful you and I would be

I remember when you fell in love
I could not believe
That it was not with me

I sent a secret prayer up above
And put my heart away
So that you could be free

I know right now,
You're broken in two
But did you know my heart's been
Broken since the day I met you

Do you know I exist
Just to promise you this
Endlessly to be true to you
And if you answer my prayer
I'd cross my heart and I'd swear
Endlessly to be true to you

And in my sweetest dream
You'd learn to put your faith in me

Sometimes the thing you need is the one thing
You can't see
If you put your faith in me
How beautiful you and I would be

Do you know I exist
Just to promise you this
Endlessly to be true to you
And if you answer my prayer
I'd cross my heart and I'd swear
Endlessly to be true to you

Enjoy. I love this song...and I agree with every single world.

PSS. Ive only ever played this song for one woman...and there was a reason for it...


Anonymous said...


seven said...

LMAOO! I was dying when you mentioned the Premium P!! I still remember the conversation we had about that on the drive home, cracked me up man! My life was different after that convo lol! I agree with you pretty much with everything on this post. Coz you know i hate on some exes too! you're on a fuckin roll today son!

PS: get back to work. or at least "try" to lol.

Anonymous said...

The "Premium P" essay was priceless. Those metaphors had me going.

PS: I just started my own blog and I think im addicted already. Pray that i dont fail IT.

nicki83 said...

You're awesome for posting this Will! Sorry if I hit a sore spot, lol, but thanks :)

I totally agree with you on this one. The whole mutual break up and still being friends is a tough one. That's the situation I'm in right now :s Its like you still wanna be cool with that person because it wasn't a messy breakup, but then again you just wanna move forward and meet new people and its hard to do that when that person is still there. Relationships are so very strange sometimes lol!

Anonymous said...

this post couldn't have come at a better time.

I stand in agreement with this post 100 percent.

I put it this way, Friends don't hurt friends, so if u wronged me then HELL NAW we can't be friends. Fuck that.

I am a firm believer in karma as well...and like you said Will, so what if you have ''changed''(which I doubt it), you will STILL get it back 10 believe that.

and just like you, I am ALL or NOTHING. I'm not gonna waste my time being friends with a person that proved they didn't deserve to be in my life....

I know a lot of people think that being friends with your ex means you are confident within yourself or what not, blah blah blah, but I just think its retarded.

I dunno. guess I'm still

but hey, life is too short to go back and forth with people who will never change. let's be real, people don't change, they just become more transparent...

so I agree, I say cut them off. let them go! let them miss you and let them see exactly how good they had it...

and I say let Karma do it's job. hehe

Anonymous said...

haha the Premium P made my life! i love that whole was great!

djlissamonet said...

wtf u know 'bout b4-4 son!
love u willbeans, all day every day.

mitch said...

"holla at a playa when you collect all 30"

fucking gold. hahaha.

Nebby said...

remember when we held hands? yea i remember that it was like 4 days ago and some weird dude was taking pix of us so awks but anyway i have a confession...this is the first long post i have ever read on ur blog :/ i loved it even tho it took you 4 hrs to write it is well written and very honest. remember how i always tell you i get really jealous for ppl who end up with you?!?!?! well i still mean it, you are so great and genuine you're like Fiji water (my fav) theres no gray area or cloudiness with you its either this or that and thats why i want you to remain single until i'm ready to get married? yes? cool...Love you wif all mah heart :)

Anonymous said...

See relationships are never a threat cause I'll erase the history and act like we never met. -Joe Budden

Words to live by.. LOL!

"Like if I was hurt over an ex, and I seen her in a couple of months, and she looked nasty, like lost too much or gained too much weight, bad hair cut, let herself go, looks like a loser....hmmm...well at that point I guess I could talk to her without feelings, but if she really did look like a hot mess, I think Id still cut her off, cuz I dont want it to be known that I ever even touched her...lmao!" I frigging died! hahahahahha Love you Willy.


tilt said...

holla at a playa when you collect all 30. This is some gold foiled, imported, luxurious top of the line shit.

At least if it was charity, make sure its a good cause!


Chapter end.

Chapter Start.

Memoirs of Anesha said...



I literally died (laughed until my sotmach hurt- cried until my eyes were red). I even called up my girl to tell her about how funny I thought that was.

omg will. you're too much. LOLOL

Gorgeous Lynette said...

I really needed this will. I have a whole blog on me trying to get over heartbreak & your blogs just give me so much inspiration on that and it makes me laugh. Kanye in 6 days.

D said...

Hahaha! OMG! Posts like this is why I come back to your blog time and time again. You are hi-larious Will! Your blog is becoming a drug. To echo everyone the premium p thing was funny. And not unlike my own thing I say to my homegirls. Instead I like to call it Pandora's Box.

I'm like look have Pandora’s Box. Once you open it chances are they'll be hooked. But you can't go around trusting everyone with the key. Like would you go around giving everyone your pin for your check crd? Keep it locked tight, the ones that gain their "stripes" are (or shld be) very few and obviously special enough to do so.

In other news…I'd touch on your whole being friends after thing but I'd end up writing an essay like I did last time. Aaand…nobody wants that. However, I will say that I don’t agree w/ everything. If it’s a mutual breakup I would still try to be friends. Would it be hard? Of course because you just got done being one of the signers on the admittance slip into Pandora for all access and now I have to look at you like...damn homie, no more love for you. But the reason I say I'd want to be friends is because if we were that way to begin with than I wouldn’t want to lose that. Despite the fact that we are no longer a couple for whatever circumstances (unless its cheating. Cause boo! I don’t do cheating. I’d see you and b like why do you exist?..)..your still a dope person and you enrich my life. You liked them initially because they brought something new into your life. So...I mean…I just want everyone to be happy and get along damn! Unless it was really turbulent then…nah yall should just call it quits, chop it up as a loss and go your sep. ways…ne who. Peace out guy..

DAMN! I still wrote more than I wanted too…geez!


his cousin said...

couldnt' have said it better my self, no more Mc'Ds or KFC for my P lolz....

Dame said...

"You down with OPP? Yeah you know ME!" LOL...

And for your information my blood brother...

McDonald's Corp. showed in October 2008 that while the global economy may be crumbling, there's still strong demand for cheap eats as the fast-food giant posted a blowout third quarter,(+11%) besting Wall Street expectations.

Google it if you think im lying! LMAO!

Remain yall!