Saturday, September 20, 2008


So I was thinking...I think Drake musta meant Photographer Will or Photography Will, cuz he sure didnt mean Photogenic Will...
Why do I always gotta look like the "Cause" at the
Like why do I always gotta look so immigrant in pictures...when am I gonna look more citizen? lmao

"Whoa! Whose this guy? What's he wearing? He certainly doesnt belong here."

and then the friend says

"Dont say that! Thats the 'Cause'. Look at his clothes. I heard all the proceeds were going to him so that they could take him outta the sweatshops and put him back in school."

"Poor thing."

Like for fuckin real now! I wonder...if anyone ever says...

"Hey I think im gonna go talk to him, I wonder if he sounds as FOB as he looks..."

Bitch! I dont have an accent! lol

But on the real, I just went back to York and joined Broke Phi Broke: We Aint Got It. lol
Support your local photographer, put his ass in school! Can an Asian man get a chance?

And here's a blurb that World Bitchin' wrote about me:

"As food prices rise, many families have been forced to pull their children out of school and send them to work, simply to survive.

Immigrants are not supposed to be exploited for cheap labor, and they are not supposed to miss critical years of schooling. Yet for hungry immigrants, survival comes first. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and World Bitchin' is working to provide opportunities for numb nuts like Will so that he can attend school.
World Bitchin' is working to help the random losers have a chance for a better future. Providing simple school supplies helps these hopeless children remain in school, ensuring access to an education that prevents them from having to work for their survival at such a young age.

Please donate today. This might be just coffee change to you, but that change might change his life."

PS. im not an immigrant assholes!...not to say that theres anything wrong with being one if i was... lol fuckin it 730 yet? Can I go to the Livestock x Adidas party yet? ... fuck...


narrylikes said...

I think this photo is funny, but an immigrant?? Haha! No no no, you have to love yourself a little more Will.

Chilly Willy said...

lol. I do...this is for jokes sure makes me laugh when i read dumb stuff like this about myself. lol

Anonymous said...

The Chillyean thinks you have a good heart.

TILT said...

LMAO!!! love the photo... r u going from the rice fields to the sweat shop!!