Monday, September 22, 2008

manifesTO festival @ Nathan Philips Square

This is actually the crowd reacting to Kamau while he performed earlier tonight.
But yea, I got there very late in the day...shoulda been there earlier but im a slack...and we all know that...The pics that are on this post are of people that I know, there were a crapload of people there...but way too many for me to harass. lol
Shout outs to Che and the rest of the Manifesto gang for doing this for the city. Good to know there are people who still care about unity, peace, power and hip hop.

Taurean and Alize
Arowbie and Crooks
Sanga and his gf
Nacho and

Winny and Safari
(watch for his new music video, I actually have a part in the lie. lol)

Norm and GF?...

Addy and Blake

Junia T, mystery man and Croo

Jellystone, Maestro Fresh Wes and mystery man #2

Junia T, DJ Wristpect and Fresh

Arowbie and Dustin

The Legend himself...back from L.A.

Bryan and Lola

DJ Tilt


be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

Well thank goodness you didn't replace "_ _ _ _ _" with "bean".

dj_lissamonét said...

so pissed that i missed this.
looks like it was dope.
pics are amazing as usual.


Anonymous said...

mensa needs to get snapped by wiLL more often

t said...

i did the opposite
was there for the daytime
check my pix