Friday, September 12, 2008

The Distillery...

There was a lot of traffic when I picked her up from school yesterday, so we decided to just stay downtown and kill time. So I took her to the distillery Front and Parliament-ish area...? i dont pay attention to the signs around there, I just know where it is.
Its a dope lil artistic and...different type of place. They have some dope ass bars and wine spots if your down for a more upscale feel. Theres a lotta mini art galleries
Check out Lileo while you're in there, its got some really dope fashion too (men and women's) yea i did forget to take pics inside the spot but its watevs...its also a bit pricey, its ok...powerball while you can!
Once again, the day magnificent in every aspect.
Thank you again.

(ps. if you're wondering why I dont write her name much anymore...its cuz it should be obvious by this point...and if you dont know...go back to your caves. lol)


Crystal said...

hmmm i should go chk it out sometime...looks like it could inspire some ink work on my part!

Anonymous said...

this is my favourite place. i had some of my work put up in one of the galleries a while back. i agree, its entirely lovely. -tricia

Anonymous said...

i love going there.