Monday, September 8, 2008


Ive been getting mad comments and requests for the team and I to throw another party. There was a lot of commotion since Addy and I's bday party aka Overnight Celebrity.
Fellas, hold ur knots and ladies pull out your panty liners...its COMING!!! lol
We've eating and discussing ideas. Some big plans are being made for to be officialized quite shortly, but expect nothing less than what you dream of.
Meet the new team - Addy, Sir Lancelot, DJ Wristpect, Fresh and myself, recently dubbed as Photo Will.
Ill keep you posted.
(ill continue posting later, but i gotta run out to LIL X's private party now...ill post those pics later on...or not. Although my eyes are small, these are the ones you'll see your city through.)

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The L.A. said...

OMG is that the blackberry bold!?!?