Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Call Center Battles

This was also recorded over 2 years ago while I was a supervisor at the call center.

I would like to introduce you to Claudia...she may be beautiful with her light grey eyes, fair skin and brown hair but be aware, but beneath the skin lies a monster...a monster that needs...ummm...
not sure what she needs...but Im sure I served (no perv intended)

Will vs Claudia pt 1
ps. this was sorta my Nacho Libre accent...but when I listen to it now, it sounds nothing like Nacho.
So excuse the accent...and laugh cuz its dumb...or just press pause and...disown me or something?

Will and Claudia pt 2
this is only funny in the beginning, after the first 30 seconds or so it gets quite dull, so feel freeze to stop it shortly after

Now introduce you to Grace, another shiftleader...shes a lot smaller...but very strong.
but of course I just kung-fu grip her wrists and deal with her case...the thing with Grace is she doesn't like to lose.

and hear the girl saying 'I have a caller on the line, Will!' ... like I give a flying duck. lol

Will vs. Grace and Monica

Grace couldnt handle me herself she got some help and dealt with them both.
yea and I really did do a lotta damage to Grace's wrist. Apparently it was bruised for 5 days after this was filmed.

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