Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mission: Exhaustion PART 4

So Adrift finally finished building my board.
The graphic on the board should be nothing too would be if you lived in a cave tho (no diss to anyone who has friends or family living in caves). Check the candy paint on them trucks.

Just before the boys and I leave Adrift, Bryan stops by and tells us he's heading over to Remix and that we should roll through if we can.
So I do. Shitty thing is T-Rexxx and Noah are former skaters and took my board for over an hour...assholes did all the scrapes and damages to my board before I was able to. lol
Oh well at least now u can look at my board and say I was cool based on the damage they did to it. Every time Noah landed on the board he stared at me and laughed, he knew my heart was sinking. 'Its ok, Im breaking the board in for you.' ...thanks Noah.


Mary J. said...

I'm enjoying this blogspot shit. By the way what car do you drive? Cause my co-worker swore she saw you driving a hot car of some sort and I was like "ummm i have no idea"... she called you "your photographer friend from the shuffle party" lol

dj_lissamonét said...

does the name on your camera say "chocolate"? that's my nickname baby!
how sweet!
~ur baby mama

MAI said...

Every last one of those photos are awesome.

The tat is wicked might I add.


Chilly Willy said...

thank you thank you everyone.

to mary j, i just drive a drop top toyota solara. nothing special. hot car? lmao. not quite but thank you for the kind words.

lissa, chocolate is the deck's brand. but if ur chocolate, then this is all wrong...cuz im not supposed to ride you.

and mai, thank you and thank you. lol

Crystal said...

Looks like fun!

Well i'm not a skater but i learned to snowboard this past winter soooooo i might not be too shabby on the concrete although the snow tends to be more forgiving

geeze Will you always have things going it up