Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mission: Exhaustion PART 1

As mentioned in one of last night's posts, the boys and I have commenced production and filming for our new video project. Although the project has a lot of random elements, it is still dedicated to a certain person who has contributed much positivity to me in the last few months. I do hope this project will convey my appreciation for all you've done for me, you know who you are. *Will tips hat

Why is it called Mission: Exhaustion? Is that a real question?
There were a lot of ideas and concepts that we brainstormed the evening before but due to time restrictions and the multiple fatigue attacks, production had to be halted and rescheduled for another day.
So here's part 1, the journey down there.
Ill add the other parts tmr morning when I wake up...holy fuck, its almost 4am...!

Its basically Seven and I who are going to be handling a bulk of the work. Im the photographer obviously and Seven is the videographer. The other basically contribute towards ideas, creativity and to simply just look good *pause
Introducing Seven, his legs are so hairy we call them Gorilla Pants

Vince, the guy who never made the jabawockeez.

And Moe, only the awesomest quiet cool guy ever. lol


Mary J. said...

lol the "gorilla pants"
"the guy that never made the jabawokeezzzz?" lol

Chilly Willy said...

lol. its true, its true.