Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mission: Exhaustion PART 2

So this is the second part to our Mission: Exhaustion. Its hard to be downtown without visiting certain shops and showing love to certain cats. So this post is basically for all the shops we hit up when we first got downtown.

First stop of the day was at 155 John St, where my dude, Taurean takes care of bidnez.

We headed over to Get Outside cause I wanted to cop a pair of moccasins, but of course I have to have the most common foot size in the western no sizes...tisk.

Of course, we had to stop over at LS to check Los and Auggie.

We headed to Adrift right after because I finally decided to buy myself a board. Final-fuckin-ly right? Sheesh. Let the broken bone collection begin. Well lets hope not...lets hope my spidey senses will kick in everytime before I fall.

Seven says if we skate well enough, we can go to the DC nationals and win 20G's...first of all I can only steer right, so unless the nationals is all about skating in clockwise circles...theres no way we're even gonna qualify...but its good to be naive. lol

Dropped by GDFT (God Damn Fuck This...thats actually a synonym some old man gave me when he was tryna figure out what GDFT meant on a t-shirt) and Ransom to say waddup to Trevor, Jay and Andrew.
So I asked Trevor 'Why do you look so sad?' and Trevor responds 'Cuz Im black.' lmao

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