Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blogpedition: 1215PM-140AM

We headed over to Augusta House...which is just north of Dundas on Augusta, in Kensington Market.
Gavin, one of the two co-ordinators of The Remix Project held a farewell party for a radio show that he has been hosting for the last 15 years.
It was a nice cool vibe, with nothing playing but the OG hip hop classics.
The Cash Cab drove by us while we were standing outside and no one even moved. lol
In case you guys dont know what the Cash Cab is, its the Toronto television show that...I think it airs on like the discovery channel or someshit I of those educational channels anyways. Theres this cab, like anyother cab, it that takes you to where you need to go except its special-er. lol. There's a camera inside, the driver asks you questions just like in "who wants to be a millionaire". You have lifelines too, call a friend etc. You can only answer things wrong thrice until ur kicked out. He keeps on asking you questions until you reach your destination. I think its something like a 100 bucks per question, i didnt really watch the whole episode.
Apparently some guy walked out with 900 doll hairs the other day.
Its crazy.
So next time you see one, hunt it down, take a vacay or get a new tattoo. lol

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