Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, so here is half of the pics from the night. These are all the pictures taken by me while I was drunk and Tse at some points when I was TOO drunk.
Theres still another few hundred pictures from the upstairs backdrop that still have to be watermarked and uploaded.

The night was amazing from what I can remember. Once again, on behalf of my team and October's Very Own, I would like to thank everyone for making it an unforgettable evening.

Not everyone who was there that night was in a picture sadly. Some people didnt want their pictures taken or I just never got around to it, and they never knew there was a backdrop upstairs.

There is still a video thats being edited which will be uploaded soon as well.

To anyone who misunderstood the intentions of the party, once again, the party primarily served as a thank you to our industry, to our community, to our close friends and to our family. We all wanted to build a stronger city and better sense of 'us'.
Im glad that the city's key players were able to show up and support.
There was a small handful of people who didnt like eachother or didnt want to be around eachother, but I didnt care. We're all grown adults and I expected us to act accordingly. Things happen in business/life and we should all just forget about shit and move towards a greater goal. We need to stop being emotional and holding grudges. We need to figure out ways to let the dollars circulate. The city cannot just rest on the shoulders of the few while everyone else sits back and hates and criticizes. If you are not helping than you have no say and no right to judge. This movement involves all of us.
The tighter the knit, the more difficult it will be for us to rip.

In the words of T-Rexxx and Brock,

1 Luv T.O.


Jennifer said...


Congrats on your party...I was not able to make it, but I appreciate the invite...hopefully next time!

The pics look great and you look like you had a great time..LOL

It's sad that ppl can't leave their 'Hater-a-tion' at the door and just come and celebrate what we have in the T.O.

like you said "The tighter the knit, the more difficult it will be for us to rip."

Keep doing your thing Will...I am excited to see what you come up with next!

Peace N'Love

(its Jennifer Hopwood by the way)

Vote Obama,if you can. said...

Hola, this is long....

1)I have been reading your blog for about a month now, love it fyi. But there is one thing I don't understand: Why are you constantly putting yourself down? I mean damn kid, you are not ugly by ANY means, infact,you have a nice swag to you. You seem hella cool, surrounded by good friends, nice style, and as Will "Fresh Prince" Smith would say you got "a fly honey" lol. Everytime you make these lil comments Im like why, why is this dude flaming on himself?! lol I mean, the negativity is not doing you any good mannnnn.

2) Your photos are nice and the Toronto scene seems dope. Im
stateside and Im not gonna lie, it seems like TO is slowly taking over thanks to you, your crew, and some other Canadians Ive been noticing on this crazy interweb thing.

3. How exactly IS the party scene? I mean everyone looks cute, the drinks are flowing but do
ma'fuggas actually dance? It looks hella fun and I would love to visit but pictures can be decieving and a sister cant stand a party where folks just take pics and get drunk w/o actually dancing.

4. Your drunk pictures above got me weak. lol.

5) Peace and keep it up, cause like I said yall seem serious.

ps What kind of camera do you have?

Anonymous said...

Your disclaimer confused me a bit. So you're saying that the only people were the upper echelon of society? the people grinding in some way or another in the entertainment industry? or did you invite random people who aren't on their grind?

Chilly Willy said...

to the second comment,

lol. im not actually that hard on myself. i just think of funny things, and instead of using it on other ppl and looking like an ass, ill just use it on me. I have to use it cuz its a waste of a good laugh on my end.

The toronto scene is very diverse tho. The party that the team and I organized was meant to be more of a social gathering, a cocktail, type ish. There are a lotta parties where people dance and what not, just that this one wasnt our intention.
we're trying our best out here to keep the movement going, im just here to document the progress.

I use a canon rebel xt, 17-85mm IS ultrasonic and a 580exII

PS. thanks for reading and following the blog.

To the last comment
I wont go so far to classify it as the upper echelon, but I will consider it a party to thank the people who have been grinding in the entertainment industry and people I have a lot of respect for. Toronto has a funny thing where a lot of people dont like to support each other (screwface capital), I just felt a function like this was key to familiarize each other with your present and potential future partners. I did invite people that were outside of the industry, but they were not randoms, they were goods friends of mines and the teams.

We wanted to keep it intimate and personal still, so I had to keep the venue small. Hence, the inability to invite everyone I knew.

Hope that kind of clears things up.

Plain Jane said...

"vote obama if ,you can" musta thought the party was suppose to be one of those ghetto ass club house parties where dudes stay posted while getting laps and females bust it open and get loose.
i dont think thats what they were striving for...lmao

looks like you had yourself a great time will! TO looks so exciting, chill and diverse. Love it.

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

damn brother... this takes the cake for 'Most Photos In A Single Post' posts.

sorry I had to leave so soon. Work before play these days.. you know what it is.

Consider that party phase one in the future of - "Enter Clever Name For The Super Crew Here"

Congrats my dude.
I'm proud of you.

(and I'm actually allowed to say that).

Sean said...

good shit will!
ima link you up

jsanopinionatedmotherf* said...

toronto is screwface capital because the people that are established help only those they know and create basically a close knit community with the attitude that they basically stand above all. it's like a segregationist stream of thought that is not based on race but on hustle. to be honest, the only people making moves in toronto that are still down to earth and willing to help others are WarnerAssociates-the 1 Love T.O crew-Gavin of Remix-Blake!! how can you expect anyone else whose tryin to come up to embrace and accept those succeeding when they basically barr themselves off? so what you are trying to do is a step towards opening up this network but i think something should be done where instead of competing, you all come together to HELP others. Just a thought.

Janine said...

It was j-peed in that place.

And the pics of you in the bathroom? High-lair-hee-us.

vote obama, if you can. said...

Naw plain jane, that's actually not what I meant at all. Niggas dont have to be posted and girls dont have to be giving lap dances in order to dance. I dont know how yall do it up there or what certifies a club as"ghetto" but down here there are other types of dancing besides looking like a bust down all night.

BNyce said...

Lmao Will ur A Nut!!!

Party WAS A success I see!
Next time Im invited!!!! lol