Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blogpedition: 1015PM-11PM

So we headed over to Anaya Hayes going away party at Lott 332...yea...I
Addy had to drop off the media wall for Anaya (Addy runs a printing company in case you're wondering).
So theres this lineup that wraps around the corner and everyone is dressed up. Like in dress shoes, dress shirts, dress pants and the ladies are in dresses and skirts.

NOT US! we roll up in jeans and khakis, runners, tuques, bubble vests, hoodies. lol The only reason why Im telling you what we wore is because of what this one dude says outloud behind us.
Some random dudes states this outloud on purpose so we could hear and says
"No one ever gets into Lot like that! Watch."
And then the security guard comes up to us and says wats up?
Addy's like "We're good friends of the celebrant, I have her media wall, and these are her photographers."
All I heard was a gasping by some loserbag in the background while we walked through the doors.
How you like that my dude bro gino bambino?!
*in my best T.I. voice "We can wear whatever we like." lol
We didnt stay long enough to bump into Anaya, she was running late and we had 3 more venues to hit up.
So Anaya, sorry we couldnt see you, but we took a picture on the media wall as you requested. Now you know we were there. Ill see you soon home slice!

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Natalie said...

lol it was probably the same guy who said that and gasped lol too much effort gaspin' and all