Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Im Still Fly ...maybe?

T-Rexxx showed me this yesterday while I was at Remix. lol
Its not that bad actually...and dude just turned
I dont know what I feel about it yet, but I aint mad at this at all.
Im not even sure if Drake or Page has seen this yet

"Im still hopping out the Honda like a broke motherfucka." lol

PS. we aint sure someone was gonna ask me. lol


BNyce said...

lol at me gonna ask were u related too.

hey Will I followed your blog doode! Follow mine too please.

Anonymous said...

lol not bad for a 15 year old. i like the original better though

Anonymous said...

aww he's a cutie! lmao @ we aint related

Gorgeous Lynette said...

He's pretty good actually, I would like to hear more from here. It sounds like he has potential.

Anonymous said...

Yeh that's D Pryde. I met him the other day. He's pretty good for his age.

Anonymous said...

d-pryde is nice. he could actually flow better than half of the artists out now.

Jonny.Treeson said...


Will - Please get this dude into "The Remix Project" (if you guys already haven't). Serious potential...Kid is 15!!!

Haha...Video was filmed in Markham - the S2000, typical suburban house, and the quick scene with Father Michael McGivney High School was the dead give away. Not to mention this is where I live... crazy.

Big ups the markham massive.

Sang Frais said...

He's actually pretty good for 15. He's got potential. I recorded something to this awhile ago and put it up on myspace if you guys wanna hear it( I still left Drake's verse in it and his is first and then mine is right after.

"ok you're a goon but what's a goon to a goblin"
I see he listens to XV. That man is good too. You guys should check out his 40days40nights mix he got out.

HeinzMoleman said...

oh god, this guy is from up the block and embarrasing asians and out highschool Notre Dame... *hangs head in shame*

i see this douche bag at the mall. who knew he raps. everyone and their momma raps who lyinggg lol

thanks Will. thanks.