Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pet Peeves

Hmmm...Im usually a very tolerant person...usually...some people know me for being otherwise. lol

But there are some things that really drive me clucking crazy.
Ill build a list of more stupid things, and ill get into some real issues later.

Im not a hater. We all have our opinions...im juss dumb enough to express them on a blog

1) I hate grown women in pig tails...its gross. I always feel like a petaphile looking at women in pigtails. its like, if i think ur hot, i also think the little school girls are too. Like when they have those skanky pics of girls in school uniforms and the tiny plaid skirts...gross. So ladies, unless you want some love from R.Kelly that bad...try not to look like you're on recess ok?

2) Girls who paint their faces in make up...like caked up...like I could frickin dip a chip on ur face, or i could take my finger and write 'wash me' on your forehead. If i can tell the difference between your face and your neck...thats disgusting...at least even it out so u dont look like you're wearing a mask...unless you're going for the geisha look or if you're trying to represent your noble status in the high aristocracy and the royal house of 18th century France. Tisk.

3) People who have stupid profile pics. This may be bit bias because I own a camera but I assure you, Ive always felt this way. Like people who have pics of them like topless or in a beater (if a dude) or like in their bra and pouting (if a girl) in the washroom...esp if you're washroom looks like a fuckin twister just hit it.
Its so lame...like what kind of msgs are you tryna convey here? lol
Or people who frickin dress up and they pose in their apartment hallway, or the staircase in their house. or like sit on the couch, or one leg on the chair, or sunglasses on by the dinning table, or posing seductively in front of their messy closet, or doing a booty shot on their front porch, or bending over holding their knees in the kitchen, or dudes with their shirt off flexing with their hat on and sat glasses in their dinky ass bedroom with a Lil Kim poster in the background. ...LIKE WTF ARE YOU DOING???!!!
its like...you were bored...and had nowhere to go, so you decided to make your kid sibling give you a photoshoot.
tisk...all dressed up or undressed and nowhere to go...double tisk

4) People who speak mad loud in public places. Like when you're in a restaurant or something, and theyre just like mad ignorant. And then you say "yo, not too loud, everyone can hear you."
and they give u an ignorant ass remark like "i dont give a fuck. its a free country, ill talk as loud as I want and about whatever I want."
...ignorant ass. lol

5) HATERS! i fuckin hate haters! people who hate on certain people for no damn reason...hopefully I dont sound too hypocritical right now. Im talking about the people in the club that will stand against the wall and just be all shit bowl mouth. shit like ...
'eeww, what is that trick wearing?'
'I heard she's a ______"
'I have that shirt, but i look better in it.'
'Whatever, I fucked him first.'
'my shoes cost more.'
'look at this bitch dance...'
or just be shit mouth about anything. like hating on people and their work, theyre personality (esp if it aint negative), hating on people because of who they date, hating people cuz they're jealous, hating people because theyre insecure, hating people because they have issues. You're just hating cuz no one loves you, and no one will fuckin love you when you personality smells like unwiped anus.
*will cringes*

6) Lying ass shits! I fuckin hate liars.
If you could wrong me, you should be able to admit it.
If we're friends you should tell the truth...
and if we aint friends...why you gotta lie to me for...? what does it matter, we aint friends anyways. Frauds.

Ok, it looks like we're steering into more serious territory now...lets name some more serious ones

Disrespectful or ill mannered people...esp to the opposite sex.
Dudes who have to grab a girls hand to get their attention to talk to them?...shits lame. Get game.
Dudes who fuckin walk up to girls and like lick their lips and give the creeper eye and holla at girls...get game.
Dudes who start touching girls when they didnt ask for it or dont want it...shits lame.
Dudes who just do the perve look from across the room...lmao...
Girls who respond to this shit...shits lame...get some self-respect. If this is the type of dudes you into, dont tell me about how boys are dogs, and how every dudes just wants some ______, or how aint nobody love you, or all men are lying ass cheating jerk offs...
Real men dont act like that, real women dont respond to that. Thats on you, ma.

I have a lot of pet peeves, too many to list.
I just really hate ignorant, unconscious racist remarks.

like my all time favorite stupid line that is sure to get me mad is...

"you pretty______ (cool/ funny/ cute etc.) for an Asian guy."


am I supposed to feel flattered?
like how am i really supposed to react to that...? Like you basically insulted me and you want me to smile???
Some of you guys dont realize this but by saying that, you juss insulted all asian people...or black people, or whatever people that u mentioned. Its like your cool for an asian guy...but against a white or black person, u aint shit...basically...
racism...my all time pet peeve.
Another good one is..."She's dating an Asian dude?"...im not referring to any particular girlfriend. Ive only dated two Asian girls in my life, and everyone else was of a different nationality or ethnicity. I get that shit all the time. Like what the fucks the problem? I cant date a black girl? A white girl? A Spanish girl? A brown girl?...is there some sort of rule book that says I cant? Or is it because all the girls you've had are wack and ur upset because Im not a lying ass cheating jerk off mother fucker who dicks around all day and cant get a decent woman because Im took busy being ignorant type of fuck face? ...
Don't hate me dude...she aint dating me cuz of my skin tone. She's dating me because of who I am and the fact that I respect her and that Im loyal.
...try that out.
Like what does it matter, you werent going for her anyways and if you were, she prolly wouldnt go for your ignorant ass...and if she does...then snap...im too good for her then. Any woman who dates an ignorant dude...says enough about her character to me.
If you're gonna leave me...you better upgrade, cuz sure as hell, I will! (except this one time...lol...i fuct up large...maybe twice...lmao...im so bad.)
Sorry, im getting really bitter. Ive been getting remarks like that from since I was in grade 7...
I used to think...ignorant ppl would just grow up and learn to be more understanding and respectful...nah, fuckers just get older and more obnoxious.
Its those ignorant people who keep racism going...good job dumb fucks.

Everyone loves the mix kids...but everyone dogs the couples who made them...
You dont like racism against yourself or 'your' people, yet you dog interracial relationships and intermingling and dog people for diversifying. If you wanna stay in your own world, in your own circle and live in your small world...thats your call. But dont hate on the people who are deciding to step out of the box and trying to understand new cultures, religions, lifestyles and languages...stay ignorant by yourself. lol

Whatever...Im gonna go play Grand Theft Auto now...release some anger...lol

ps. sorry for the non-emotional, non-sensitive, non-Will post today...I ran out of apple juice at home earlier and ive juss been aggravated...lol


BNyce said...



Angelina said...

Ahhhh..to despise the same things that another person despises is one of the most comforting and reassuring things in the world.

Who knew such hatred could bring such positive feelings??

Im so glad I'm not good at self taken photography.

Anonymous said...

Did this all start because a ladybug landed on your shoulder?

Anonymous said...

dude! this post is killin' me!! i think you and i are both friends with a number 5!!! haha you know who it is... and they know it too!

"you pretty______ (cool/ funny/ cute etc.) for an Asian guy." i freakin hate that dude... so ignorant and lame.

btw, i was just goin through the beach pics right before i went on the blog lol. then i see the bug picture. awesome!!!!!

Memoirs of Anesha said...

"Shits lame. Get game."


love it .

Janine said...

Okay...#3 made me laugh so loud my boss came out of her office. Dammit, Will!

#5 reminded me of a convo I heard in line at the Dollar Store.

Girl 1: "Boomquisha lookin at you all hard at the laundry mat."

Girl 2: "Riiight? She started talking all loud about Ray Ray the other day. I was like B*tch please, you just mad cos I'm his first baby mother."

^^True story. Only the names have been changed to protect the ignant.

"you pretty______ (cool/ funny/ cute etc.) for an Asian guy." <---this right here...just straight ignant.

My favorite unintentionally racist remark came from a high school friend of mine who happened to be white. "Oh Janine", she said sweetly, "we don't think of you as black". Saywhatnow?? I also find it irksome when my white friends feel that I am the voice of ALL black people. Or someone makes a statement about black people and they look at me like "Jaye...is that right??". Dammit!! I am not your personal black culture fact checker! You so damn curious go to your local Borders and pick up a book on the history of blacks in america. Shooot...make me mad.

Gosh, what's wrong with me? I HAVE apple juice at MY house...lol.


XOxo - Stephie said...

This whole thing made me laugh. Like I always say, Ignorance is the downfall of the world & without it, I guarantee everything would be like 500% better.

"Girls who respond to this shit...shits lame...get some self-respect." I tell girls I know this ALL the time. Just 'cos a dude APPROACH you don't mean you gotta say something. If he acting stank you better keep on walking, act like you ain't heard one word he said lol.

XOxo - Stephie said...

Oh yeah, I like that ladybug pic (:
Very nice.

Anonymous said...

random question....where do you get your tats done?

Kizzy said...

Lol, so funny because its all so true. Disrespectful guys are fun though. You get to tell them about themselves and watch em squirm; like spraying Raid on a roach LMAO. Can't say much about the profile pic thing cause uhhh, I'm guilty by association. I've persuaded many people to take those kinds of pictures; I was often the photographer.

One thing that boils my buttons are rude and/or disrespectful little kids in conjunction with the parents who allow them to be that way. I work at a restaurant and I was 2 seconds off this little boys ass last week; on his mother's behalf. That and females that say, "Oh, I'ma get me a white/asian/hispanic man so my baby can have good hair." I find myself wanting to smack the taste out of their mouths. Like, did you SERIOUSLY just say that with conviction? Shit for brains...I suppose you don't care if you birth a demon spawn as long as he has good hair you don't mind!

Memoirs of Anesha said...

this was good. really good. too bad i make the cut for your list tho...esp. on the being loud part...but sometimes i dont realize...what can I say? I'm a trini? lolol.

ohh and i wrote a lil blurb on you
here: http://memoirsofanesha.blogspot.com/2008/10/blogs-i-frequent.html

Anonymous said...

She's dating me because of who I am and the fact that I respect her and that Im loyal.
...try that out.

LOL tell them again .
Yo i feel your pain i made some food look in the freezer and fridge no juice. i was really upset.
but don't worry will you cute period, those girls that say that shit are clearly bird brains.

Memoirs of Anesha said...

omgomomg. ok i read this again and missed on some points....

"everyone loves the mix kids...but everyone dogs the couples who made them..."

UMMMM THANK YOU!!! so damn true!