Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Totally Random Post + A Thank You Note

Ummm...I found this picture the other day...this was actually taken when I was like 15...although it looks like it could be me in 6 years from now.

My dad thought the bike looked cool and also because he's a FOB, he asked me to sit on the bike when no one was looking and took a pic of me...*sigh...I hate it when I have to take pictures...ugghhhk! I hate photographers...! *Will tries to gauge his eyeballs, but his eye hole slit it too small*

Funny thing is...Ive been wanting to blog all day...but nothing interesting happened today...and ive juss been staring inside the box of where im supposed to type in for a new post...for fuckin literally fuckin hours...

ok...not literally. im lying again.

Ive been mad busy creating a guestlist for the party coming up...
(PS. Im going to start ranting now about absolute nothingness...just warning you)
Everyones been is this party for?

WTF do u mean what is it for? Its to get drunk and get carried out! What it look like?

I guess basically, this party is my way of saying thank you to the people who have been supporting my blog, me as a photographer, helping me get to where I am today and I guess just me as a person.
I am a product of my environment and a result of my relationships with the people in it.
I owe a lot to a lot of people. I might not be able to say thank you to you guys every day for all you've done for me whether directly or indirectly, but just know I appreciated it everyday.

In this industry and this time in age, real friends and good people are very hard to come by. Although I know a lot of people, I keep my circles very small. Quality over quantity. Trust the constant things in your life but never take it for granted.
For some people, tomorrow may never come. Never depend on tomorrow. Say what you need and do what you must today.

*will slams the brakes!*


I think im gonna go do something with my life now...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

not only do you sound like a fortune cookie
you sound like a hallmark card.

but you're welcome.

if it wasnt for you, i would have never been addicted to blogspot.

no seriously.