Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Secret Meeting...

Well, first of all, Id like to share some very exciting news. The team of Addy, Wristpect, Lance, Fresh and I, would like to announce the newest member of the team...shouldnt be too much of a surprise...but the new creative lead of the team is now the legend himself...Bryan Espirtu.
To say the least it is an extreme extreme honor. This is gonna be fucking exciting. Know that we have some shit in the works again.
Expect nothing less than what we've been offering to you guys.
So here are some pictures from our meeting last monday night at Ultra Lounge on Queen St. Its fashion week in Toronto and they were having a Holt Renfrew fashion show I think...I think anyways...
We had a meeting in the back room discussing new plans, new ideas, new events, new ways to keep the city connected and new ways to really push the industry to another level.
Lets hope we dont disappoint.
Aside from the team, I have something planned coming up quite soon, but this one may be staying very very very very secretive and private. Only a very very very very select few will know. Dont bother asking me, because you'll know within the next week or 2 if you're a part of it.
If you're smart, ull prolly know exactly what it is Im planning, but I refuse to give you anymore hints. lol


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Chilly Willy said...

I think I accidentally deleted this msg from Jonny. Sorry, posting it now.

Jonny.Treeson has left a new comment on your post "Another Secret Meeting...":

HHHhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. Curiosity killed the cat...

People usually do the exact opposite of what you tell them to. Haha, I guess I'm one of those people, so I'm just speculating....

Here it goes:

1. Lost In The Wilderness general event? As in non-private?

2. Website revamp? With members/forum section?

3. Introduction of new writers?

4. Charity work?

5. Mix tape?

6. Somehow creating a company or social group that connects/invites young artists of all sorts, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. etc....

Haha, I'm really not that smart. May need a few more clues......

Common....Just one?

Chilly Willy said...

as for the 1st comment,

I dont have an answer for that yet. Private parties are kind of one of my fave things. I like the intimate settings.
Because we dont believe in paying cover, having a bigger venue to accomodate a larger number of people may not be an idea on the table at the moment.
Its easy to throw big parties, but for us its about throwing a good party that you're going to anticipate and not forget when its done.
But I have thought of throwing a party more for the public, but for the one I am personally leading next, no, unfortunately it will not be open. Like I said, due to the nature of occassion, which Im sure you guys will figure out in the very near future, it will make much more sense if it was private.

I want to tell you guys when the next party is being planned for, but I really dont wanna spoil it yet. But its not too too long from now, just the right anticipation I think anyways. lol

Crystal said...

Where is this venue? It looks nice. I need something like this. Hollar

Keesha said...

My surprise birthday party!?!
Awww Willy! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

lmao, my friend lived in that same ghetto apartment on duff and dundas. what what, who knows.. his mom was probably the white broad who caught u doo dooin