Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yea, cuz Im one to talk. lol
Anyone who knows me, knows...if i aint getting drunk...i aint drinking.
I dont drink too often but man when I

Its fuckin over! lol
Here are some of my fave drunk pics. There are crapload more pics of me drunk...but some of them are a bit too intense and be a bad influence on any minors who read this blog. lol
Enjoy these pics...cuz i know I was laughing at my stupid self just now.

Lance is the only person who has been able to figure me out...
"I know how Will is...he'll get in, drink all his drinks really fuckin fast, get super trashed, take a fuckin nap in the club for like 20 minutes, he'll get up, drink some more, then start with the water...and he's good by 230."

Dudes got me down to a science. lol

(and the people who really know me...know im never really as drunk as i I yack, im K.O.)

They call this drink a blow job...stupid name...if it wasnt my bday, I wouldnt have done this. lol...assholes.


Anonymous said...


aw man, this is hilarious...really!pictures are great

"take a fuckin nap in the club for 20 minutes..."

Nebby said...

these completed my night!!!

Crystal said...

Will. Why?

Chilly Willy said...

lol. its all about the power naps...
im the only mother fucker that sleeps at the club...well thats a lie...others do too...but no one as consistent as I do. lol

Sean said...

ddamn i thought fallin asleep at the club was a joke

Anonymous said...

the ones of you sleeping are the best.
how you just pass out like that at the club
gotta love photo will

Kizzy said...

Is that Nebby in the pic with the camo oufit? That one looks like something she might do. Somebody just beer bottle nut in your mouth ha ha ha ha.......dead

Chilly Willy said...

she wishes, its actually my best friend mon.
some of these pictures are 4 years old. lol

BNyce said...

anddd HE'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

Don't forget this: