Friday, October 3, 2008

Incredibly Stressed Right Now...

So I just sent out a msg to all the invites for the party on Facebook and then my FB inbox blew up, and so did my frackin Blackberry! Im totally flattered but also uber overwhelmed by the instantaneous reaction.

Wow...I need to lay down now and get some sleep. Ill post pictures from Entourage Thursdays in Guelph when I get

Ill be staying indoors tonight so expect some blogging from me...unless my imagination or life suffers a drought...aye...


PS. where is this? where am i standing? (intersection)

and this is the note to anyone who doesnt read their Facebook but oddly reads my blog instead

i just wanted to address some questions that have been raised concerning the party on October 16th.

Im also writing this because I know no one reads the event invitations on facebook.

First of all, as it stands, we are basically just bordering capacity or are already over. The list extends way beyond the list on facebook.
So i need anyone who is coming to hit me or an admin asap, preferably me because im handling the list. I wont be standing at the door that night.

no cover (so no saying that ur broke. if ur smooth enough someone can buy u a drink too)

walking distance from the clubbing district. (we cant reveal the location due to the capacity concerns. we cant afford random people showing up and trying to get in, hence the invitation only)
It is not a club, so dont worry.
The location will be revealed at least 2 days before hand.

everyone who was invited, is entitled to ONE guest unless you have spoken to us in regards to that. It is possible to accommodate more guests but capacity is very limited. I need full names of all guests as well.

anyone who is attending MUST msg me or one of the event admins. You will not get inside if your name is not on the list. I REPEAT. You will not get inside if your name is not on the list. No exceptions.

No dress code. Just be on ur a-game, the venue is very upscale.

Hit me up for that.

there is a patio.

Thursday October 16th, 2008. 10pm-3am

DJ Wristpect and Sir Lancelot
Future da Prince and T-Rexxx
DJ P-Plus

There will be a backdrop and a photographer...hopefully not me. lol

Invite only? No cover? Cool people? Secret location? Beautiful faces? Good conversations? Private party?
Its like one giant VIP party. What more can u ask for?

Although this msg sounded stern, Im really a nice guy. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions or concerns.

See you guys in less than 2 weeks.

William Nguyen


Jonny.Treeson said...

Sick photo.

o.m.a said...

lakeshore & cherry street?

Chilly Willy said...

first half is correct but it aint cherry. lol
close tho.