Monday, October 13, 2008


I could swear I have a real severe case...Ive had 4 days to do hmwk...and I havent done shit. My mid term is Wednesday and my assignment is due Thursday, and I have my party on Thursday night...
Im bloated, Im moody and I feel insecure about myself! What am I PMSing now?
Anyhow, this is my homegirl guys already know her from her blog. Ive known Lola...since she first moved to this country...when she used to wear flared jeans and rhinestone t shirts. lol No diss to anyone who still dresses like that..*ahem
You guys all know Lola is doing some really big things, its too crazy to name her tracklisting but know that Lola is no joke. Shes heading out to Atlanta tmr for a month to work. Lola knows some real important people out here and out there.
Anyways, goodluck with everything Lola, Ill see you in a month when you get back.

Love you lots homeslice.
Im gonna miss you.
Be safe, bring me back some chicken and watermelon. :)


Gorgeous Lynette said...

stop procrastinating and do that damn homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!lmfao

who am I to talk? I'm mrs. procrastination. I can type up a 3-4 page report in about 20 minutes. full of bs and nonsense. I should have an A and an award for this.


dj_lissamonét said...

tell loli they dont surf in ATL...lolz
im a miss her too.


Karla said...

I see my name on ur BB =]

Everyone loves LOLAAAAAAAAA !

Iluvlola said...

Willy u were not supposed to put that one!
Anyways...soo yes I used to wear big flare pants and rhinestone shirts, hello hitty headbands, and a lot of other tacky stuff...
i got over it. (but thanks Willy for vividly bringing it back)
I thought this post was gonna be all about my lack of knowledge in hip-hop?! lol.thanks for keeping that safe ;)
I will miss u too..and I will be back in no time.

Lola :)

Nebby said...

awww shes the cuttest tho =D

iLUVLOLA said...

ps. the pix look better on my page.


I didn't know Will had Jordans LMAOOOOOOOO