Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kim Kardashian @ Guverment

So here are the pics from Guverment when Kim Kardashian visited last night (the only reason I left my house last nite.. lol)
Im disappointed for not grabbing pics of her when she first came in nor was I able to get the money shot (we do know what the money shot is right) many ppl in my way so I couldnt get the right picture.
No one was able to get a picture WITH her...except my dude Q...some fuckin how he got a picture of her.
So I asked Q...
"How the hell did u get a picture with her?"
"Apparently I was one of the only people who were able to get a picture with her, except for the people who worked with her or for her. I just know the right people?"
"Who the hell do you know? Her father?"
"lol. Hell no! Just the right people."
"Thats some bullshit. Im posting this convo too. lol"

and I

Waddup Lance? and thanks for your company last night Keesh.

Not sure why everyone in this room was in black and white only...


Avi says "yo, catch me doing my gino dance." I shoulda gave him some glow sticks. lol
The Jew with the gino foot and flailing hands...smh. lol

inquiring mind

Yo Tilt, you played a killer set last night!

This is my homie, Princess...(yes thats her real name)...if anyone sees her, make sure you egg her because she lost her Blackberry and didnt attend my party last!

Waddup Gerald, I see u family (right side)


BNyce said...

i LOVE how you guy's money looks.

Kim Stays comen Out here to AZ. She is pretty!

Looks like fun!

Lol @ dude with the fatique jacket

Keesha said...

I love how in one picture I'm hiding behind a scarf, another; looking over Lance's shoulder in the background like a perv, another; Avi about to jump my bones; as well as how I ironically came appropriately dressed for the mysterious Black & White party ANnnnD a Where's Waldo adventure in the others!

How fun!
Always a pleasure my little one!
Had a Great evening!

Anonymous said...

kim kardashian...your blog just lost a lil bit of class :( lol j/k I love it but

tilt said...

dope pics again willy... posting this on my website/facecrack.