Monday, October 20, 2008

You Should Date an Asian Dude

I dont really like posting vids or pictures that arent mine, but this shit is hilarious to me. I should be studying...but Im not...learning about Urban Public Facilities is so fuckin boring.

I dated a lot of girls that werent asian growing up...I never had any problems stepping to girls of a different ethnicity or skin tone...I always thought I looked diverse enough...well, all the white/black guys in school took the asian I didnt really have a choice but to date the others not complaining tho, im all for interracial couples anyhow.

I think dating outside of your culture is good. Your mind is less narrow and you may be less ignorant. Maybe.
I like learning new things and being exposed to different ideas, traditions, foods, music and stuff.

The first video is just damn hilarious to me.

"We dont just make toys and shoes, we make you smile." lmao
...and the second video...hmmm...
Ive never discriminated any races when it comes to dating...or actually when it comes to anything...but Ive known a lot of girls who wont date Asian guys, or black guys, or white guys or whatever...its wack...
Anyhow, the second video goes out to all my fellow asians who have trouble...

This next video is a white girls response to the 2nd video! Tell em girl!

This last video is pure marvel too...The M & M analogy is gold.

Mixed babies stopping racism? ...Well get to it people! lol Im playing, dont be having kids if you cant raise em!


Jonny.Treeson said...


SSHHIIITTT. This post was amazing!!

Dude, I'm a mixed guy (aka racism freedom fighter!!?!) but I have been raised with a very Asian mentality all my life. I've never had a girlfriend who hasn't been Asian and I am currently still in a healthy 4 year relationship with a beautiful Vietnamese lady who I wouldn't trade for anything else in this world.


It’s nostalgic that I can actually personally relate to these videos because I have had those emotions when growing up. It took me a long ass to gain the confidence and realize that we are really all the same inside. Thinking back, I’ve honestly had many many opportunities that I choose to ignore. Though it doesn’t bother me any more and as silly as it may sound, I’m glad that there are posts and videos like this to educate them confidence lacking Asian males out there….

Hahaha… damn… I’m such a loser.

Thx Willy!!

PS: Big ups to all the video makers, shit is funny and true.

Anonymous said...

It's hard for girls too

Kizzy said...

How hilarious were those videos? lol insanely hilarious. "I got Aunties that can do your hair." and "Sorry Blue M&M I don't like the pigment of your outter shell." WOW...lmao For the record, I'm a black female (South American to be exact) that will date any race because when you think about it, people really are like M&M's. The shell shouldn't/doesn't really matter cause all you want is the sweetness inside, right? lol

Anyway, I want to send big ups to all the people who aren't afraid to try something that is non-conforming. People who hate on you for it are really just jealous because they're sheep who are too afraid of being ridiculed to try a taste of the rainbow..........oNe

Karla said...

LOL, these videos were hilarious! I love the M&M analogy. But yeah that anonymous person was right, its hard for girls too =]

BlackGirlHere said...

kevjumba is sexy as hell.

Janine said...

I don't have a problem with interracial dating, I would date anyone I was compatible with who was good to me. I do take issue withwith some people's justification of dating outside of their culture. "Black women are too this"..."asian men are so that". Why does one demographic of people have to be villified to justify your preference or who you fall in love with?? To me that's offensive not only to the people you are castigating, but to your mate as well. So, you're dating me only because (enter race here)women/men are (enter undesirable character trait here)?? What kind of mess is that??

Love who you love. In the end, it doesn't really matter why, or who approves.



nicki83 said...

K, this video has nothing to do with interracial dating but it does have something to do with's actually quite funny lol! Enjoy :)