Monday, October 6, 2008


You will never ever ever ever ever ever in your life ever see another picture where I am smokin', blazin', puffin', tokin', pullin', sparkin', burnin', bunnin' ummm...what other words are there?

This was the first and last time I was high...

The first time I smoked any weed was in grade 7...I thought it was wack and never tried again...
the second time I was in grade 10...I was waiting on my co-workers friend to pick us up and drive me home...he blazed and said the only way I can get a lift home was if i took a toke...I was aint crack.

This picture was taken like 4 years ago on a camping trip that I planned for 40 people. It wasnt exactly the smartest time to ever choose to get high considering there were 9 of us in this one tent, blazing with all the panels about a greenhouse effect.
Anyways...I smoked so much cuz I didnt feel the high...I guess cuz it was my first time smoking.
But we drank like a mother fucker for 2 days before I hit this spliff. Of course, being the genius that I am, we bought loads of alcohol for the camping trip and only one case of 24 bottles of water...for 40 ppl!!!
So we ran out of water on the first we had beer and goose for 48hrs...add that with a super SPLIFE...and I was out cold...lets just say...before even getting to feel mouth and throat went super I had no saliva and my throat was like done-zo...and there was nothing to let me drink except more water remember? lol
I hadnt used the facility since we got to the camp site, so everything that I ate in the last 48hrs came out through my mouth...lmao
So gross.

Why dont I smoke? I think its wack. Id rather spend my money on other things than bad habits...I know a lot of people are going to be offended if I continue talking, so we'll keep it at this...yes, weed makes us feel nice...but so do a pair of fresh kicks, a new tattoo a nice movie or even a 5 dollar lapdance at the Fairbanks Gentlemen's Club (Dufferin just north of Eglinton across from the Mazda dealership in the alleyway) lol.

I think blazing makes people unproductive. Yea you do think of some amazing astronomical shit while your high, and I guess you can try to articulate it somewhere in the midst of your



I think I need to stop writing so


Chilly Willy said...

plus my eyes are small enough as it is, if im high, my eyes might as well be glued shut. lol

nikita83 said...

haha! you're jokes! I feel you on the whole weed is wack. It's pointless. Retail therapy and/or a new tattoo is perfect for a temporary problem solver (well the tat is forever but you catch my drift).

You hear it all the time, but I love love love your blog! My work is so lame that we can't go on the internet (its supposedly in this code of f'ing conduct thing that they supposedly have "rolling eyes") so I have to sneak on when my boss leaves just to read your blog lol! I'll let you know when they fire my ass lol!

GN said...

I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and I'm not sure if I should be saying this on this particular post..but your blog is crack. Addictive. I visit daily. lol

I find every post intresting..So don't stop writing!

Hilarious story...and that is exactly why I do not smoke...haha

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%... you know the deal! The fresh kicks... yes! A new tattoo... yes! A nice movie... yes! A $5 lap dance... eww... wtf Will. That's mighty cheap, lol.

Chilly Willy said...

Ive had a few questions in regards to why I dont like weed, why dont I smoke...

I guess it has something to do with how I perceived the people I knew that smoked weed growing up. Call me bias and stereotypical...

But the only kids who smoked weed or cigarettes (well that I knew smoked weed or cigarettes) were the losers, or the wannabe cool kids. They always smelled, they were failing, late for class, always in trouble, unproductive, rude and usually immoral. I dont think everyone who smokes is like that, but thats how I relate weed and why I dont like it.

It puts me into that category of people I dont like.

Ask any gf Ive had, and ask them how many arguments Ive had with them about the issue. lol.

MJ said...

HA! i totally agree w/ u... weed's whack, blazing's whack, i really don't see the point... anymore. I haven't blazed for 2 years or something now & i'm damn proud of it! haha.

**freaken bored at 530am at work. hollah!

Jonny.Treeson said...

LOL. IT'S ALL TRUE, coming from an experienced reader.

Though you can look at it like a recreational habit. Some people meet up to drink beers, some people meet up to burn ting. Balance is key, production levels are relative to how you control your habits. Even with something as simple as weed, I see people on a daily basis that can not control themselves.

BUT having said that, I do agree with your experiences and it is sad to see people resort to drugs in times of distress or for just following the crowd. This is when it becomes dangerous.

Also, smokers do smell... damn. Smelly assholes.

Haha, now I'm trying to justify that shit...


P.S.: Its nice to see you that you stand by what you believe in, its hard to find people with strength and morals like that. Respect, this is why I read your blog.

P.S.S.: I'm the biggest hypocrite alive but I'm still a good person...haha

Shit I wrote too much... again

Anonymous said...

i love smoking weed..
lol and ive always been the cool laid back smart kid in school..
depends on the person though.
whatever floats your boat.
getting shitfaced at the club till you cant feel your face is just as baddd willy then smoking a spliff lol!

Chilly Willy said...

yea you're right.
i dont hate ppl who smoke weed, just have a bad association to the idea of smoking weed.

i know what you mean about the drinking part. i can see where you getting at with that too...
drinkers can be just as obnoxious or worse...

but maybe its a cultural thing. maybe because weed is seen as a nono in society and beer isnt. so its like...i dunno, maybe i accept drinking more cuz its socially accepted as opposed to weed.
i dont know if im making any sense.


but i hear ya. weed and beer arent too different.

trust me, ive been harassed about the question for years...never been able to answer it. lol