Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some After Thoughts :)'s and :('s

If you could ever count on anyone being stupid...its probably me.
Last night was amazing. If I may say so myself, last night may have been one of the best parties Ive been to in a long time, and it had nothing to do with had something to do with the people that were in attendance. It would not have been the same had this been a different crowd (no lameness intended)

Im gonna take sometime right now to just throw out a couple thank you's and rants.

First of guys are going to have to wait for a bit before you see the rest of the evenings photos. There are around 1200 pictures that I have to watermark before posting. Yea...I know, yes that does include the pics I took while I was drunk. lol

Thank you firstly to my team, Addy, Lancelot, Wristpect and guys are fucking incredible. Thank you guys for believing in me and allowing me to lead the first party for the team. May there be many more to come.

Thank you to Drake for the bottle of Rosé got me floored off that shit...I have mad pics of me just passed out by the backdrop. lol Also thank you to Ollie, Niko and 40, its be an honor to work with you guys. Its been a hard month of planning and organizing, but I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.

Thank you to Bryan for the flyer artwork, the blog banner and the backdrop artwork. The only reason why anyone wanted to initially attend the party was because the flyer looked so damn epic! Bryan, you're the shiet!

Thank you to Future da Prince, T-Rexxx, P-Plus and Corwin for all your help and guidance with the party.

Thank you to Tse, Nelson and Chris for documenting the party through photos and video. You guys are the shit. (Yes yes we have professional video footage. lol)

Thank you to Falesha, simply for just being there last night and supporting me every time I got frustrated or stressed out with the organizing and planning of the party. Also thank you for looking so good last night, which in turn made me look good even when I looked really bad last night...(ie. me being smashed) and thanks for drinking all the drinks that people bought me that I couldn't finish.

And thank you to everyone else for attending and letting your hair loose last night, whether it was for me, Drake, Ollie, Niko or to just be out to support your city, I appreciate it sincerely.

Its amazing how many msgs and phone calls I got this morning about people just telling me they're having a massive hangover, they threw up, they feel sick etc. I fuckin love it. I know you guys had fun when you're sick.

Amazingly, as smashed as I was, I still drove home last night...No no no! I sobered up, the thing you guys dont seem to realize is, Im really good at playing up my drunken state. Im never really as drunk as I seem. lol

I just wanted to address a few more more serious issues.

I apologize to anyone who had complications getting through the door or were not able to make it into the party last night.
Everyone who I said was on the list, was on the list. My own kid brother and best friend had troubles getting in because the Bouncer couldnt find their names...clearly I wouldnt have forgotten my brother and best friend.
I was also a bit upset to wake up to the number of msgs from people who were not able to get in last night due to door issues.
Some people were very civilized about the situation and understood the reasons for the mishaps, some people (and I refer to no one in particular, because there were a few) were extremely emotional and very quick to point fingers and react in ways that I didnt appreciate too much.
The first thing one should do when approached by a problem is maybe ask the question why...
And based on the answer, should judge and react accordingly.
Simply put, if I said your name was on the list, your name was on the list. Period.
And if we did not mention this person, or if the person did not RSVP when I had originally requested on Facebook, than the situation is out of my hands. I typed up an entire list of 300+ names, I cannot remember everyone, especially if they did not respond to msgs or if no one told me to add them.
I am not upset with anyone, but more disappointed that they would think such things and judge my character without even clarifying the situation and pointing fingers before I even respond. I do apologize again nontheless for your inconveniences and misunderstanding.

Such is life.

All in all, the night was successful in terms of my team and I and based on the expressions of my guests. Thank you once again...I will be posting the 1200 pics soon...juss not today. I have an assignment and a presentation on Monday and an essay proposal due on wont be blogging too much for the next few days...its crunchtime on my end.

On behalf of my team and I,
Thank you

Peace and Love.


Anonymous said...

Will lol thank u concept n overall was amazing.

luv ya! =)

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

you're the shit. no baydays.

Anonymous said...

'twas great, beautiful, fantastic vibe....

memoirsofanesha said...

I didn't attend this party. However, I did spot the flyer (which was amazing!!!)...and it was literally the talk of the town....Its all my friends have been talking about for the last week or so. It sounds like things went smoothly!

I do often peep your pics...and you always do a great job of capturing the excitement most experience when attending an awsome party!

Hope I get to attend the next one! lol

Crystal said...

shame on those that caught an attitude.