Thursday, October 16, 2008


The hours are counting down...and Im mad excited...and pretty nervous.
The team and I had a last minute huddle *no homo to discuss the last minute details and other concerns to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Without a doubt, tomorrow night should be insane...maybe a lil too insane. Lets just say, somehow tomorrows party has been dubbed the "Who's who"

Trust me, my phones been blowing up today and my facebook is still being raided with msgs...we're down to the wire and its crunch time.
Ive been getting msgs all day from people I barely speak to anymore, or people I barely even know. Once again I repeat, it is no disrespect. This is a private celebration for Drake, Ollie and Nico and a thank you party for me and the people that have contributed to my career in the past year. Its a social gathering so to speak for everyone to re-network.

In the picture above a few things were happening...Wristpect wasnt in the house because he was busy recording, but there's also a 6th new member of the team that will be revealed in the very very near future...maybe tmr. You'll never guess who it is...or maybe you will.

Anyways, Im off to bed. Got a big day tmr. Wish me luck!


Kizzy said...

I hope thats water in that bottle, is that a dime bag, and is my man pickin' seeds out?? LMAO, yall boys are wreckless. I don't smoke I just know a lot of people lol.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck ass... after tonight you'll be able to breathe a little more! Have fun!