Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Losing Sight...

Everything becomes a blur
When you're moving too fast.
I need to ease my foot,
Let go of the gas.
Savor these moments,
While they still last,
Before I know it,
It'll all be the past.

Everything that felt like yesterday, was months ago.
The months ago, slowly becomes years ago.

I need to learn to set my priorities straight.
I need to learn to stay focused and not procrastinate.
I need to learn to think more thoroughly before I speak,
Before I ruin the rewards I have yet to reap.
I need to learn not to create such a big deal,
Just because I cant control my emotions and the way that I feel.
I need to learn to value what I got,
And stop dwelling on things I do not.

Life is lesson.
One day at a time.
Learn it and live it.
Dont fall behind.

Tomorrow may never come.
Take it all in
Before its all done.


Anonymous said...

Words of Wisdom, keep writing...


Gorgeous Lynette said...

sounds like my senior year. nonetheless, haute.

Tilt said...

nice words willy. today is a gift, that's why they call it the "present"... live it.

Crystal said...