Monday, October 6, 2008

Quite Disturbing...

There never has been and never will be anything more disturbing to me than the thoughts of child abduction, pedophilia, sexual child abuse, molestation or whatever else labels they give to these horrid and disgusting acts. Anyone who conducts any of this sort of activity, should be locked up and or sentenced to death or deserved to be brought to the hood and just be beat to death.

I dont have kids, but I do have siblings, I do babysit, I do want to be a teacher and I do believe in the preservation and purity of innocent children.

Its a scary thought...and not one Im really willing to get into right now.

This sign is actually located at Moss Park, Shuter and Dundas.

I became so heated and upset when I seen this sign...To all parents, please be careful.


Alizé said...

That sign is actually at a lot of parks. It's disgusting but we're living in a different time now, where something like that is so necessary.

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

word.. that's fucked up homey.

Jonny.Treeson said...

Kill those child molesting fuckers.

There is nothing that disgusts me more.

Janine said...

"...the preservation and purity of innocent children."

As someone who was molested as a child, remember the words above. Yes, sexual predators should be punished...and that word doesn't seem severe enough when you measure it against what they take. But don't forget that there's a little kid who can't process what happened to them, who lives with that trauma on a daily basis. A little kid who would benefit from therapy. All I'm saying is, putting the creeps in jail, kicking their asses, or both doesn't end the nightmare for their victims. Children are sensitive to adult emotions and might mistake our anger at the perpetrator as anger towards them. Now not only are they dealing with the fear that their attacker will hurt them again, their afraid their family is mad at them. I lived with guilt and fear for years after I told my mom that my uncle molested me and my cousins (he was their father). He didn't go to jail and he was still allowed to visit at my grandmother's house. I would always hide in a closet until he left. No one ever asked where I would go off to. Ugh...this is going places I didn't mean for it to. Anyway, I say all that to say, protect your children and be aware that their psyches are fragile and we need to always acknowledge how they are effected by all situations, traumatic or otherwise.