Saturday, October 11, 2008


Happy 2nd Birthday to The Remix Project.
Of course not the entire family was able to make it out to the celebration, but that was cool, Gavin and Drex spent 80 doll hairs on the two cakes...and I had 4 slices...its true.

Dont wanna get to emo here, but I do want to thank the entire staff at the Remix Project. Things have been very different for me since Ive been in the program. Thank you for all that you have done. Im glad I never had to leave just because I graduated. Even if I wasnt a youth leader I would still be dropping by Future, Addy, Amber, Chrissy, Juan and Sparks. lol

Happy birthday Remix.
May there be many more to come.

PS. Most of these pics were taken by Bryan...Future had the camera too but his pictures didnt make the cut. Sorry Future. lol

This is T-Rexxx saying..."WTF is this Curve shit." (He just got a Bold earlier that day, but he had a Curve before

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Jonny.Treeson said...


Willy, I'm 25, is there anyway I can still get involved in the Remix Project? Even just to help out?

Just seems like a good positive place to be.

I've been looking for a way to give back Toronto and their youth for a while.

Give it to me raw homie.

Good stuff, Happy B-Day Remix....