Monday, October 27, 2008

Ideall Clothing: Open for Business!

Just letting you guys know, its frickin' official!
My brother, Bryan Espirtu of the Legends League has finally released his online shop for his Ideall Clothing company.
Do not sleep on this. For anyone's whose not from Toronto and is not familiar with Bryan's artwork, style, relevance and contribution to the city, its cool. There's a message and story behind every single graphic he's designed for Ideall.
But the best way to understand Bry (if you dont 'know' him) is through his'll get him...or not.
Anyhow, check out the online shop at

Currently, he's only shipping to Canada and the U.S., but I repeat, DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!
Bry usually sells outta shit on pre-orders, nevermind the stores! Try finding your size after the first few joke.

Congratulations my brother.

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