Friday, October 24, 2008

The Venezualan Visitors...

If you guys dont know Gavin Sheppard (the founder of the Remix Project), know that Gavin actually knows the whole world. Literally, Gavin knows the whole world.
You should see the number of stamps in his passport and how many DIFFERENT countries he visits. Its fuckin insane.
Gavin likes to travel the world and meet new people, build networks, work with them and find ways he can assist them. Gavin is probably one of the most selfless and giving persons ull ever meet in this life time. Everything Ive imagined I could do for the world, Gavin has actually already No boost.
Anyhow, Gav had some friends from Venezuela come by Remix to work in the Studio with himself and Drex.
Forgive me, but Ive forgotten the name of the group, but they're rappers of more political focused issues. They're from one of the roughest barrios in Venezuela (frack i forgot the name of the city) and are heavily supported by Hugo Chavez, the current President of Venezuela. They actually came by this past tuesday...when it was snowing. lol.
Its always really cool to meet people from different cultures and be able to introduce them to our own.
Not sure how to end this post without it being ummm...yea...the end?

PS. thats Gavin in the picture below if yo u didnt already know.

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Karla said...

Aw I me these guys last saturday at some event thing. They're really real.