Sunday, October 12, 2008

Late Night Tremendous

So I stayed home the entire day I mean entire day...didnt even open the front door to go outside to get the paper, didnt even look out the window or open it...hibernated like a bear.

Tried to do hmwk, but I kept getting hungry, kept getting thirsty, kept having to stretch, kept going on a study break even though I didnt study, keep wanting to watch another episode of Entourage, kept fighting the urge to publish another blog post, kept having to piss, kept having to suddenly msg a random person on BB, kept going on the apple website to watch new movie trailers, kept checking my facebook, kept checking my blog...I dont know what the fuck for...Its not like it got updated...I mean...It is MY blog, I know when I post something, and even if it was updated...I wrote it...fuckin a.

Anyhow, so Mon msgs me on my BB at 230am...saying shes at Tremendous and I should come by...
Here's the convo

"Come guy."
"I dont know, kinda broke right now"
"Dont be cheap guy."
"...I dont know, Im also tired..."
"Dont be lazy guy."
"hmm...I dont know, its not good to eat Chinese food so late..."
"You're already fat guy."
"I dont know how many push ups Ill have to do if I eat that?"
"Oh fuckin please. Dont fuckin lie."
"Ive been trying to get back into routine again."
"Well I havent been consistent though."
"Yea, you dont fuckin say."
"Just fuckin come guy. Ill pay."

So I drove my ass out to Tremendous to eat free food and watch Mon talk to me with something black on her lip. (no perv intended)
So while she was eating, I looked at her straight in her eyes and pretended to rub my lip to indicate she had something on her lip. She got the hint and rubbed her lip...
Im like, 'its not even gone...or is that just how ur lip always is."
shes says "I dont know, probably guy."
So I left it alone...

After, when Im on my way home she msgs me on BB and says "thanks for fuckin telling me I had a crushed black pepper on my fuckin lip. Looks like a fuckin ant died on my face."


Mon, you are so dumb...

PS. try to have your dinner plate look more presentable next time. Your plate looks like someone barfed on it...look how gross that is woman! You're like a pretty flower with no scent! lmao

PSS. Thanks Mon for paying for dinner. I owe you sister bear.


nicki83 said...

LMAO! Thanks for the morning laugh! The first laugh of the day is always the best laugh! Lets me know that I'm still alive inside :)

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

LMAO @ how many guys come out of Mon's mouth!



mon said...

i hate u brother, n shut up bryan lol
shit guyyy

Anonymous said...

lol, Whoever Mon is she reminds me of the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood

Anonymous said...

You kill me... lol @ you're already fat, haha that's so mean... fat ass!!! Anyhow, the girl bought you dinner the least you coulda done was told her straight up that she had something on her lip. Some friend you are! *Shakes head with disappointment!