Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nuit Blanche 2008

Nuit Blanche, meaning White Night in French...and Caribana without black people in my language. lol. It was seriously like a the jump off Caribana Friday.
If you dont know what it is, its an art festival that runs in three different zones downtown from 7pm to 7am. Basically the city was in zombie mode.
Caribana Fridays dont really have shit on Nuit Blanche tho. Caribana is only Yonge St. and the Club District. The whole city was out last night of some dawn of the dead shit.

Anyways, lets begin with the nights events. So Falesha and I headed off to Pho 88 in Chin City to feed our faces and have enough energy for the long adventure.
Of course after we ate, we saw this in the back alley as I got my car from the underground garage. Always count on some exciting stuff in Chinatown. Talk about zombie night right?
The first exhibit was in an alley at Shuter by Yonge...It was simply...garbage with a roof over us...Trust me...we were really puzzled...

Yonge-Dundas Square is around here somewhere.

Right off the bat she said "Thats Da Vinci"...damnit woman, I didnt even get a chance to even think yet and you answered.
Ummm...flying smurf hat?
Blue intestines?
Looks like a scene right out of a zombie movie...
They were running lights and stuff on the windows on the building. It says Game over on the right building in case you didnt know. They were playing Tetris on the buildings and stuff...I just dont know how the hell they got the windows to light up. Pretty insane.

She pointed this out...I thought it was cool.

Cash cab! Woulda jumped in but we were too nervous to lose and get kicked out before our destination.

Not an exhibit, but this sure is fuckin creepy.

Only after you lick the wrapper. lol
So this was a film called "Behind the Curtain." the only thing that happens theres this forever blowing shower blows in repeat for like 10 minutes...with this ominous sound...and then it ends with a black screen with the credits...and the title..."Behind the Curtain"...? Sorry, I know im not that artistic...but WHAT THE FUCK MAN! anyone could have fuckin thought of that. The only reason why no ones done that is cuz its stupid! holy fuckeronni!
Umm...this looks like a woman is stuck inside of my Ikea paper lamp that I have in my bedroom...that is a really creepy thought...*will cringes
Umm...this looks like someone found a decayed female body under the ocean and somehow, some coral reefs got attached to her head...its artsy?...fartsy?
You dont fuckin say?

Now this was clever...Good use of shadow and light. Good job OCAD.

Oddly, that boy on the left gives me more creeps than the dancing naked guy on the right

Imagine this was actually two dimensional...and one day you come downstairs in your living room and the fairy was actually trying to escape the painting...or palette? whatever that is...

This thing only costs $7G's...soft, thats coffee change for me. this was like this giant spider web made of rubber elastic material...and everyone was tryna run in it and get tangled for some dumb possessed reason...of course Falesha and I stood there and watch the fall of mankind...and photographed it.
These were just two crazy emo goths that were trippin off some drugs. "Hey this fence is really sharp and Im really intrigued by it." (thats a real quote) ...someone shoulda told these idiots that the gate was open juss directly to the left of this picture...fuckin numb nuts.
There was a concert stage inside the garbage can playing music...I wish they had toilets like that...

So how sanitary is this hand sanitizing station...?

umm...zombie boy...shouldnt u be at home sleeping?

Political fave...

Falesha started tripping out when we got inside the Maple Leaf Gardens...she said it reminded her of some outbreak/zombie type thing where the stadiums became like the sanctuary for all survivors or the immune. lol I only got creeped out after she said that. yea, there was this drunk dude walking around with a blow up doll. Its weird enough that he was carrying a blow up doll in public...and even weirder that the doll was a male. It had a fuckin 3 foot boner but what is extremely disturbing is the fact that the blow up doll had a whole in its mouth...*will cringes

Not a part of the exhibit, but why the fuck would anyone ever go here!!! Smells like a trap to me.

Well after the 4 hour adventure, we decided to give into our cravings and headed down to Garden where we ordered Chicken Corn Soup, Fried Rice and some General Tao...Yes...thats right we ate twice in a span of 4 hours...hopefully Ill still have money for car payments. lol

Side note: Fortune cookies are dangerous! lol

Thank you for an amazing evening, I wish it never turned into day...


nikita83 said...

Wow...Toronto is more interesting then I thought! Heard of and been to Caribana but never Nuit Blanche. Those crazy white folks lol! I gotta get outta this hick town and make a move to the big city asap!

Tilt said...

dope on the pics... wanted to venture after spinnin' at guv but was sooo tired... i couldn't believe how many ppl were out and about walking at 4am!!! Everywhere was packed to eat, Fran's, Garden, etc.

MissMorley said...

I wanted to make it out but I been sick in zombie mode all weekend...thanks for giving me a glimpse into the excitement LOL wickedawesome stuff :)

Anonymous said...

the they got the windows in the building to light up by putting a lamp behind every window and then controlling them with a computer to go on and off...i really liked that one...i thought it was even crazier after i heard that...thanx for the glimpse of your night...looks really interesting :)

Chilly Willy said...

yea it was really dope. I was supposed to work at a club that night...but i decided to skip out and do something more cultured and more special.
Looks like it paid off for me and some of you guys.
and for the lighting of buildings at city hall...that would make a lot of sense...but still...that is absolute insanity to plan and least i think so anyways.
Thanks for the inside scoop *pause

STIRLING™ said...

I must have just missed you at Gardens. Chicken Fried Rice, Spicy Shrimp and Chili Chicken. Been going there since two locations ago. Not the one upstairs, the one before that. Great food. Great pics of the evning- def better than the ones my Canon Elph captured.

Anonymous said...

when i saw that zombie boy
i was tempted to say
"i like turtles"

you HAVE to know what im talking about?

yes? no?


Chilly Willy said...

nope...ur on ur own for that one. lol