Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Its 5am...I should be sleeping...but im trying to watermark 400 pics...lol
Fuck, Im going to bed...but heres a sneak peak at my fave backdrop pictures...Ill post the rest on thursday or friday. I have a research proposal due wednesday...so its highly unlikely that Ill have time for posts tmr...

PS. I wasnt drunk...lol...I just drink really fast. lol
Above, the miss, the fat boy and the best friend
Below, the two lumpia's and the one spring roll

Drake-Drizzy Rogers

Everytime I look at this picture, it makes me laugh. Cuz it looks like I dont belong...lol...*back off, get your own sandwich. Looks like I squeezed in during the couple picture. lmao

Of course I had to ruin the one picture of us...*sigh lol

My kid brother

Carter saving Lee.

This is how I party...like tmr dont even fuckin matter. lol


Karla said...

Ya you gotta send me these too ! =]

I hope u sent in ur assignment.

Janine said...

LOL! You all looked like you were having so much fun. You're too silly! LOL!

nicki83 said...

"This is how I party...like tmr dont even fuckin matter" LMAO! Loves it!

You and your girl are so adorable! And her shoes are FIERCE!

And I'm gonna be a loser and comment on Drake because he always looks good...but by no means am I a groupie lol ;) :)

P.S. For the 999,784,868,232nd time, I heart your blog Will :)

Janine said...

LOL! I was looking at that pic of you, Drake and "the Miss" thinking "Why does it look like Drake is playing the BF role?" LOL!

And I cosign nicki's comments, you and your girl are adorable and her shoe game is on point!



Chilly Willy said...

i know...i dont really act too affectionate when im THAT drunk. lol
sorta drunk is a different story. lol

She told me about that while we were driving home that night and Im like really? And she started laughing...shes like...the picture may look funny...but thats cuz u were drunk and being weird. lol

but yea, drakes my dude!

but yea, that is a very humorous pic, we laugh at it everytime.

thank you for the couple comment and yes, her shoe game is proper.
Shes not the bestest for no reason.

thank you again for the kind comments

BNyce said...

mAC dADDY lookn ass! loll

Na, Coo picks though!

I like the one where u tryped and fell on the ground lol.

Anonymous said...

I like your new banner thing

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


you're fucking hilarious bruv.