Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blogpedition: 945PM-1015PM

I was running out of blog material. And I was gonna stay home since I had the evening off and no gigs lined up. So Addy calls and he's like, "Blogpedition! We'll hit up 4 venues. And blog that shit."
Well I told him I was broke, but since he offered to drive, it was cool. (cover and drinks aint no thang...that shits free for us. lol)
So we headed down to Remix to pick up Bryan and chilled around for a bit. This is how the first 30 minutes of the evening looked like.

I cant tell if Brock is posing or thinking right

Like an eclipse in the background.
Catch them boots! I dig.

Into the night we go...

1 comment:

Crystal said...

It's Mitcheru!!!!!! (girl in the brown leather jacket stylin' on Tyrone's huurrr)