Friday, October 3, 2008

Entouraging on a Thursday in Guelphski'

I was actually sober this week. A little too sober...unsafely sober...damnit! When am I gonna get drunk again. I hate feeling my face!!! Aarrrgghhh!!! God give me a sign!!!

On a more sane note, here are my personal favorites from last night...when I was sober...fucking a! I know Seven had a blast. The lord knows he loves white girls. lol

Shout outs to Bozack and Big Jacks!

PS. I lied. Im heading out on a blogpedition now. Anaya Hayes going away party at lot 332, Skams bday at Circa, Guv for Ron, Blake and Jesse's bday, and then Augusta's house for Gavins...fuckin a...check back tonite or tmr!


Anonymous said...

that's Big JackSSS with a *S* homie!!!!

Anonymous said...

lmao, thanks for letting everyone know man!


Anonymous said...

hahaha, it happens often. im used to it!! :( but i still gotta let the people know!

pics have been posted on our blog as well

seven said...

lmao, i meant will's "seven loves white girls" comment. but you're right, you have to let the people know about errors! i see it's been fixed though. good job willfred.