Friday, October 24, 2008


So the other day we had an unscheduled meeting at Remix...
New rule which is a very good one, yet a very difficult one to deal with was "All blackberries in the center of the room during meetings."
But then the flashing red lights came on, and the screens starting flashing with new we had to flip the berries over so we could focus...some of us tried to call for blackberry we could quickly respond to all the bbm's. But Gavin wasnt having it.
New rule at Remix, anyone gives in the urge to pick up their phone during the meeting puts a dollar in the pathetic. lol
Of course Amber doesnt have a Blackberry...and her vibrate is set on hypermode...her phone vibrated so hard we thought the phone was going crazy cuz the call was urgent or someshit.
Anythow, the meeting was about a Business Etiquette workshop that we held a Revival for the participants to discuss mannerisms and ways to conduct yourself when going for a job, being in an interview, following up and how to throw business pitches. The 3 panelists were Click, Taj from Maxamus Ent and Ty Harper from OTA live on FLOW 93.5.
Thank you to the 3 panelists for your expertise and advice.


Anonymous said...

In the old ages, instead of fining people a dollar for stuff like that they used to cut off your hand. Good idea? It would deter.

Kizzy said...

You can't call a Blackberry a phone. Shit, you can't call most phones these days a phone. You must address it by its scientific name; the Camphonius Naviputerus. Lol a very twisted blend of a camera, a phone, a navigation system, and a computer. Native to the business man, tthe socialite, and the otherwise ballin' motherfucker..........oNe

ps. Bryan Espirtu is the truth! too Will lol

Crystal said...

I feel like the question is now "who in here doesn't knowing what pinning is? Please raise your hand and say 'I am an idiot'" LMAO

ikid the bb thang is too much, but would I get rid of mine? Nope.

MissMorley said...

Thanks for exposing me as the only person on the face of the earth without a blackberry..It's alright tho, i love my hand-me-down Pantech from Noah =)..still gets the job done.
Is my life as organized and efficient as yours? probably not..
i guess my priorities are mixed up?? but don't worry, you'll see, ima fit in with the cool kids..eventually..

**fuckin peer pressure lol