Monday, October 13, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
We didnt do the pre-dinner praises...but know that I take nothing in this life for granted.
We dont have huge Thanksgiving dinners in my family...we dont have the fortune of having a big close knit family. Its usually just the cousins who do our own thing.
For me its not about how many people I spend these moments with, its simply about spending it with the right people.
Theres nothing awesome about these pictures...Ive been trying to live in the moment and feel it rather than living it through a lens, one frame at a time. I only take enough pics for myself to be nostalgic in the future, to refresh my mind of what the day looked like but I store the memories, laughs and smiles in my mind.
I realize more and more everyday, life is short.
I just want to be happy...Its becoming more and more difficult everyday. Life is tough. I just want to be around my friends and family...
Thank you for being in my life and never leaving my side.

Above is one of my nieces, Elizabeth. The cutest thing alive. Below is a picture of the food we're asian cuz there's fried rice on the table. lmao. I didnt have any of the fried rice tho, thanksgiving is all about the turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing...damn stri-zzate!
The lasagna is pretty random too but it was killer.

My brother wrote on these cups I swear.

Wine...went straight to my fuckin head...couldnt even hold my cup anymore after awhile. Hence the lack of pictures as well.

My brother, pretending to have itis and passing out...this was the 3rd take...we decided this was the most convincing...even though it aint really cuz hes smiling.

The only thing here that really says we're Vietnamese is the hot sauce bottle with the green cap right in the middle of the picture...thats a dead give away.
Soul Calibre 4 tournaments...
Yea...looking at us sitting on the floor is actually a lot more weird than actually sitting on the floor. lol. Sometimes ur juss lazy. You dont wanna pull out a table, but at the same time u dont wanna move away from the you just stay in the same room...even if you gotta sit on the floor. We were playing a drinking game anyhow.

Ill explain how the game works. You take a deck of cards and whop up a list of things to do. Each card a person pulls out will coordinate with the list of things to do.
ACE) waterfall...fill up half a glass and drink it
2) pick a person to drink
3) take a gulp
4) the last person who points up drinks
5) the last person who points down drinks
6) everyone drinks
7) guys drink
8) girls drink
9) choose a category, like cars, and then keep naming brands of cars, anyone who takes longer than 5 seconds to answer drinks
10) Say a word, and everyone has to say a rhyming word before 5 seconds is up.
Jack) Make a rule. Like say "no saying names" or "no laughing", the rule applies throughout the whole any point you call a persons name whether its someone whose not playing or laugh at a random joke you have to drink.
Queen)...I have no idea what that one was
King)...yea lost again...i wasnt really paying attention to the game...and I had to drink too much.

No Vietnamese get together is complete without a round of poker. lol


Kizzy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Will. The spread looked awesome, I want a left overs plate! Your niece is so adorable with her watermelon slice. I have a question though, why did you guys eat so early or is there a time difference from canada and atlanta? Lord I hope I don't sound retarded. Anyway, have a great week. I know you've got big plans so remember to take time out to breathe in there. Be easy..........oNe

Chilly Willy said...

its cool kizzy.
thanksgiving comes in october for canada. You guys get urs in november.

big plans? its just mid term exam time, assignments and the darn party. lol

thanks for always reading.

XOxo - Stephie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

The beginning of the blog reminded me of that one quote; “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

& I eat rice every Thanksgiving, just not fried, regular white rice LOL. (I'm Puerto Rican)

Anyways, I like reading your blog. Very interesting (:

Janine said...

Your niece is adorable. Nice looking spread. The key to any great Thanksgiving celebration and how many carbs you can ingest in one meal. Your meal actually looks like it fell on the good side of healthy. I pie? I don't think I've ever seen that in relation to Thankgiving before. My family usually has a dessert table.

narrylikes said...

the only turkey we get is around christmas time... maybe.

so have an extra plate of food for me please! thanks will :)