Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Know, I Know...

Sorry guys, Ive been busy the last few days and have been unable to post anything.

Im going to upload pics from Guelph and the Yung Joc performance at the Guverment a bit later on in the day.

But I was juss reading a post on the Legends League and thought this would be a good way to start my morning...well its 1:51pm...but I juss woke this is morning to me...

You can click here for the rest of his post...ull understand why I chose this paragraph if you understand me.

"I need you all to know this - I share everything with you because we are a unit. Humans as a team of individuals who power a single. That single is the good of us all. When are we going to make things grand? My suggestion is immediately. Without inspiration we are nothing, without influence we have done too little. Share yourselves, it may spare the lives of another.

Much, much love to you all.
Welcome To The Legend’s League


Thank you for always inspiring me to be more than I am...
Thank you for always keeping the faith...
Thank you.

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Crystal said...

I knew I saw be. leaving your party. Just as I was coming in he was hittin' the streets...ahh we'll meet some other time.

Wisdom is priceless and necessary.

Thanx for the snippet.