Sunday, January 18, 2009


The blog is under some reno work...

I just put up 4 new posts, but the URL for the blog has changed

so go to for now.

Im getting a new layout and switching over to wordpress and getting off blogger...
Im also adding a few new buttons and functions on the site...trying to make it a fully functional website.
You'll notice the layout is slightly different at the link above, but thats just the wordpress defaults. My actual layout is in the works by my homie Bobby Redef. which will be updated and applied to the site soon.
Eventually, typing in by itself will just default back to the blog without any slashes and blogspots etc, but for now this is what we have to work with.
Its moving a bit slow at the moment, so sorry for the delay.

But everything will be sorted out shortly, I promise.



Kelvin said...

Is there a specific reason you switched over to wordpress?

Chilly Willy said...

its a better layout.
I can do more things with it.
More functions...umm a million things.
Im not sure of all of them, Bobby convinced me and I juss nodded. lol

but a lot of people prefer wordpress...and im actually liking it a lot better than blogger.
but thats just me

dj_lissamonét said...

yaaay wordpress!
bun a blogger...well not really.

Kelvin said...

Ok I noticed all of your older post transferred over I can't really check the layout from my blackberry at least I don't think I can so I'll have to check later who knows maybe I'll switch to wordpress myself if I can post and access them from my phone

Jessica said...

Wordpress >>>>>>>>> any other kind of blogging tool lol