Sunday, January 18, 2009


The blog is under some reno work...

I just put up 4 new posts, but the URL for the blog has changed

so go to for now.

Im getting a new layout and switching over to wordpress and getting off blogger...
Im also adding a few new buttons and functions on the site...trying to make it a fully functional website.
You'll notice the layout is slightly different at the link above, but thats just the wordpress defaults. My actual layout is in the works by my homie Bobby Redef. which will be updated and applied to the site soon.
Eventually, typing in by itself will just default back to the blog without any slashes and blogspots etc, but for now this is what we have to work with.
Its moving a bit slow at the moment, so sorry for the delay.

But everything will be sorted out shortly, I promise.


Saturday, January 17, 2009


Shout outs to my homies at Skam, Andy, Auggie, Los and Hek (no particular order) from Livestock!

Clipse was at the shop today for a meet and greet to promote Play Cloths. It was mad jokes and Clipse was mad cool.
While Clipse was there, Kid Cudi came by...there's actually a really funny story about how Cudi almost didnt make it into the store. But I wont be blogging that. lol
Its been a long time since I chilled with my dudes from Livestock...thanks again dudes. I need to drop by more often.

Sorry again for the lack of posts, Ive been mad busy...and also mad lazy. lol
Imma get back in my rhythm soon enough.

Below: Clipse being interviewed by Vice Magazine

Meet Auggie...if u dont already know him...
My dude, Sir Lancelot


Im not sure who Andy was signing autographs for...but signing, he was.

"Im gonna give you my number me anytime." lmao

Los, I forgot her name and the legendary, Skam

Stuntin' on us with the 12's


Petey Petey!

Here comes Cudi...
Anyone who's already met Cudi knows this, but he's a really chill dude.
I thought he was dope from before I met him, but I got even more respect for him now that I met him. He doesnt even act like he's a celebrity...he's just a normal dude.

LS, Clipse and Cudi

Los and Skam
Yea, Cudi has a blackberry too...(not an iPhone! one get too sensitive now)

Clipse with DJ Wristpect and Sir Lancelot

Auggie with the Casio Calculator watch that Cudi copped.
Funny story behind the watch too. lol

I got a light skin friend look like Michael Jackson, I got a dark skin friend look like Michael Jackson

Corwin and Cudi

For some reason, Andy never stops signing autographs...he did the same thing when N.E.R.D. was at the shop too. lol
Hey Andy, didnt you give Cudi an autographed Clipse flyer? lmao

Wow, _______! Dont you think its time to get a newer BB?

We wanted to make ________ feel dumb so we put all our BB's on the table...
And then Andy says...lets just put down interesting stuff from our pockets...So he drops a brush and Hek drops his du-rag

Tell me you see the nail clippers and the garage opener! lmao

Why so serious, Corwin? lol

Waddup to one of my fave blogs/stores, The Hundreds (although Ive never been to the store)

Can anyone guess what Bryan's holding?
"Good thing this thing doesnt have batteries, or else it would be going off like crazy!" lmfao
Click on the picture below and put together all the words...
"Stud Sensor: locates wood and metal studs..." lmfao

4 hours after Clipse leaves the shop, after a crapload of Vitaman water, Heinekens, and a few blunts (which I didnt smoke), we head off to Circa where Clipse performs...

I didnt really take pics at the concert since the security guards were being wack by not letting me on stage...even though I had a media pass...but what I really wanna know the fuck did Q get on can see him in the picture below in the right hand corner with the Moncler vest and the Gucci tuque.
It was so funny, cuz so many people thought Q was Pusha T, and mad girls were coming up to him...and some of the guys were instigating it too by saying..."Hey, you wanna meet Pusha?" lmfao
Anyone who knows Q, knows exactly what Im talking about. lol